We operate in cycles

     The moment we wake up until the time we wake up again the next day. Like how we sleep at night and are active in the day. And like how we eat at certain periods of time, every single day. Our lives are filled with cycles.

     Studies have shown that each individuals have different daily cycles. Some prefer walking up early to start their day but some wake up later because they operate better at night.

    But most of people have a more or less fixed week. We have working days like Mondays to Fridays, and then we have rest days like Saturdays and Sundays. And then this is repeated again the following week. And that's a cycle.

    And since it's a cycle, did you know that we can leverage on it to install new behaviors and powerful habits. And that's why I created this newsletter 'GROW BY WEEKS'.

    It's to create a community and help like minded people like you who are committed to personal development and want to become the best versions of themselves by pushing yourself through weekly challenges.

     I'm already excited for you to join us. See you inside!


How can this help you

Build Confidence

Confidence comes from experience. When you try something new, even if it's tough and challenging, and overcome it - that's how you build self-esteem and confidence

Grow Stronger

Your body and mind are connected. So to become the best version of yourself, you need to strengthen you body through physical challenges and your mind through mental challenges.

Feel More Alive

Pushing yourself outside your comfort zone let's you experience new things that you haven't experienced before. That's one of the best feelings in the world.

Discover Your True Self

The way to truly know who you are to to explore. Exploring and pushing your own boundaries will reveal who you really are and what you are made of.