Spring Season Workshops

The 2023 Spring Season will soon be available for purchase & live viewing!

A Year-Long Sowing Guide & How to Implement It

The Art of Intercropping, Companion Planting & Intensive Planting

How to Grow a Kitchen Garden (& eat it too!)

How to Create Compost For Your Best Soil Ever!

The Importance of Tending Your Garden to Grow Healthy Plants

Natural Pest Control Methods

About Landon Gilfillan

Pepper & Pine's Founder and Content Creator

Hi, I'm Landon Gilfillan, founder of Pepper & Pine Design and the content creator of all P & P Classes and Webinars. My hope and desire is to inspire and encourage gardeners of all skill levels to embrace the joy of gardening and grow each year in their skills and confidence. 

I started gardening as a young child with my mother and have continued gardening over the past 30+ years in various locations across the United States. I have been growing vegetable and flower gardens from seed since 2009 and each year since have grown in my ability to produce a bountiful harvest. 

My current 3,000+ square foot garden (that continues to expand) is situated on our seven-acre property in SW Michigan, and it is there that I have successfully grown and preserved hundreds of pounds of food. You can watch my garden tours over at The Gardening Forum and on my YouTube Channel.

Request a Garden Consult

If you are interested in booking a Garden Consultation, please tell me a bit about what you are looking for in a home garden and tell me anything that will help me get a feel for your space. I'll get back with you within 48 hours to let you know if I have the capacity to complete your consultation and design this season. If so, you’ll be offered a consultation within my availability. Full Garden Consult $100