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Every month we send out a newsletter packed with all kinds of information and updates. We listed a few to give you a better sense of what you may expect.

Discover local role models

Once a month we publish an inspiring interview with a member of our community.

Besides discovering local role models it's also a great way to learn about all the different code-related career options that you can specialise in.

Become a better ally and create an inclusive culture in your

Each newsletter contains a curated selection of practical articles that cover gender disparity in tech, how to create more diversity, be more inclusive and what it means and struggles women in tech are facing on a daily basis.

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An overview of all the active jobs and internships on our community job board

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Occasional updates and news about our community and its members, such as new initiatives we might launch, new content on our blog, looking for speakers and so on...

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Stay up to date on upcoming community & community partner events, including our TechTalks, crossover events and more...

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Sharing some of the cool tools, tutorials and other resources that could make the lives of programmers easier. Sometimes also just cool things to experiment with.