Date: October 21,2023

1. Navigating the Home Buying Process: We'll guide you step by step through the entire home buying journey, from understanding mortgage pre-approval to closing the deal.

2. Mortgage Options and Pre-Approval: Discover different mortgage options available to you and learn how to get pre-approved, setting you on the right path to securing your dream home.

3. Navigating the Market: Understand the current real estate market trends, so you can make well-informed decisions that align with your financial goals.

4. Building and Improving Your Credit: Learn practical strategies to build and improve your credit score, increasing your chances of getting favorable mortgage rates.

5. Homeownership Essentials: From understanding property types to managing homeownership costs, we'll cover essential topics to prepare you for your new journey.

Why Attend

1. Expert Insights- Gain exclusive access to experienced professionals in the real estate industry. Our guest speakers—Realtor Jeneve Jaja, Mortgage Brokers Melissa Hankins and Brandy Benach —bring a wealth of knowledge to help you make informed decisions.

2. Informed Decisions- Homeownership involves a series of critical decisions, from financing to property selection. Learn about mortgage options, pre-approval, and credit repair strategies that will set you up for success.

3. Market Awareness- Understanding current market trends is key to making smart investments. Get up-to-date insights on market conditions and how they might impact your home buying journey.

4. Navigate with Confidence- The home buying process can be overwhelming. Our workshop equips you with the tools to navigate each step confidently, from finding your dream home to closing the deal.

5. Future Financial Security- By attending, you're taking a proactive step toward securing your future. Homeownership is an investment that can provide financial stability and growth over time.

Join us and become a confident, informed, and empowered first-time home buyer. Don't miss this opportunity to take control of your homeownership dreams.

Meet Our Presenters

Realtor- Jeneve Jaja

I'm driven by three passions in real estate. I love interior design, preserving historic homes, and helping people find their dream homes. It's not just about transactions; it's about turning houses into homes and dreams into reality.

Loan Officer Assistant/Mortgage Loan Originator-Melissa Hankins

Melissa’s philosophy is to offer a personalized approach for each clients needs which allows her to find the perfect mortgage solutions and best deals for every situation!

Loan Officer- Brandy Benach

With over 20 years of experience in the mortgage industry, Brandy Benach is a seasoned professional who has successfully navigated various roles, from Loan Processor to Mortgage Loan Originator. 

Date: October 21, 2023

Time: 1pm-4pm

Venue: Living Faith World Ministries

            950 Derbyshire Road, Daytona Beach, 

            Fl 32117

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