❤️ Get clear on what you truly want in a relationship.

❤️ Identify what is stopping you getting there.

❤️ Have an introduction to energy and the Energy Alignment Method (EAM).

❤️ Use EAM to release some of the resistances you hold.

❤️ Decide on at least one action step to take after the Masterclass.

Hey, I'm Ceza Ouzounian

I have been where you are - day dreaming of the relationship I
deeply wanted. The relationship that was everything I desired.

After having been single for a long time, I was in a relationship,
but the relationship wasn't what I wanted. The person wasn't
right for me, he pushed all my boundaries and I changed myself
to be with him. I didn't allow my authentic self to be present.

When I decided to walk away from this relationship, I realised I
needed to work on myself, because only then was I going to
have the relationship I wanted.

Using the Energy Alignment Method, I worked on myself
allowing the real me to surface, and aligning to what I truly

6 months after breaking up with my ex, I met my fiancé who
is everything I had desired in a partner and relationship.

In this Masterclass, I share the process I and many of my clients
have gone through to attract the right relationship.

Now is the time to have that relationship you dream of.