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  - a dynamic group coaching programme designed to empower and elevate your team's professional journey. 

In the ever-evolving landscape of work, success often hinges on one's ability to adapt, lead, and continually refine our approaches. This transformative programme is crafted to guide teams through a comprehensive process of reflection, active adjustment, and personal rekindling to not only navigate current work circumstances but to emerge as a refreshed and refocused individual with a new sense of purpose and focus.

In today's demanding world, employees grapple with the pressures of a fast-paced, ever-changing workplace, amplified by the pressures of day to day life, whether that be financial challenges as a result of the cost of living, or growing pressures in their family lives due to implications of finding child care, completion of domestic chores, caring for the elderly or even the struggles of staying fit and healthy. The resulting stress, burnout, and constant need to adapt can significantly hamper performance both personally and in the workplace. This strain can lead to reduced motivation, productivity, and job satisfaction, ultimately affecting organisational success.

Employers must prioritise employee well-being and resilience to thrive in today's competitive landscape.

Staying at the forefront demands more than just proficiency in tasks; it requires time to galvanise and to take the space to review, to revise and to re-ignite your thoughts and purpose. It requires a strategic approach to one's own development and a keen understanding of the ever-changing dynamics one finds oneself within the professional arena. Review, Revise & Reignite is more than a coaching programme; it's a catalyst for professional growth and personal leadership evolution.

Through a carefully curated blend of collaborative sessions, self-assessment tools, and tailored guidance, this programme aims to support participants review their current position, revise their strategies for success and reflect on what is getting in the way, and reignite the passion and purpose that initially led them into their chosen field. I understand that effective self-leadership begins with a clear understanding of oneself and one’s current circumstances, coupled with the ability to adapt and innovate in response to the challenges of today's workplace.

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I'll not only help your team navigate the intricacies of their work environment but empower them to emerge as resilient, adaptable, and inspired individuals who contribute effectively in their own right. The journey towards professional excellence starts here!

Additional extras available

These additional extras can also be provided by Sharon Smith as part of the Review, Revise and Reignite programme.

✨1:1 Coaching Sessions

Individual coaching sessions are available for those who wish a more specific and in-depth opportunity to work on their leadership approaches, how to achieve their goals, or on any other issue they would wish to discuss.

RRR Action Learning Set

RRR Action Learning Sets offer participants the opportunity to come together regularly, either virtually or in person, and use the knowledge of the other programme participants with whom they have built a confidential and trusting relationship, to help solve challenges in their roles. The process of these meetings is carefully facilitated by the programme leader to ensure that the session remains positive and solution-focused.

Follow Up Sessions

Follow up sessions are available to check in with participants, and take the opportunity to review where they are again in the year, and look to revise and reignite once again. This not only boosts productivity, but ensures employees feel valued and listened to.

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