Welcome to Rise Strong Leadership!

This programme is designed to support leaders stay focused and resilient when times get tough.

In recent years, leaders have faced ongoing struggles on the back of the pandemic, with hybrid working teams for some, diminishing team numbers due to employer financial strains, and the weight of deteriorating mental health of some team members. 

It's been tough.

Everyone expects you, the leader, to solve their problems and speak on their behalf and sometimes leadership ends up being far removed from what you hoped it would be.

Well..... enough is enough!

This programme is about to change all of that for you.

Rise Strong Leadership is going to not only show you how you can be more resilient and positive, leading with purpose and finding joy in what you do . But, it's also going to help you build those same traits within your team.

Rise Strong Leadership is ideally run as a group programme within an organisation, either face to face or virtually.

This programme always has the following content:

🧡  Identifying what provides us with a clear sense of purpose so we can thrive, centring that around our values.

🧡  Consider the power of optimism and the impact it can bring on you and your team in challenging times.

🧡  Learn how to inspire and give trust - learn how this can be your super power as a leader.

🧡  Bring a courageous mindset and attitude to your work.

🧡 Understand the power in being a decisive leader.

🧡 Understand that asking for help is not a weakness, and bring your vulnerability to your role is vital.

🧡 Fun is key! Learn to use laughter to lighten the load.

🧡 Learn to use your curiosity as a way to empower others.

🧡 Showing self-care and care for others is crucial.

🧡 Recognising the importance of turning adversity into opportunity - and that we can learn something from every circumstance.

Additional extras available on request

1:1 Coaching Sessions

Individual coaching sessions are available for those who wish a more specific and in-depth opportunity to work on their leadership approaches, how to achieve their goals, or on any other areas they would like to discuss.

RSL Action Learning Sets

Action Learning Sets offer participants the opportunity to come together regularly to support each other to consider and explore challenges they may be facing. These sessions are carefully facilitated and supported by your tutor.

Follow Up Sessions

Follow up sessions are available to check in with participants, and take the opportunity to review where they are again in the year. 

Is this just what you or your managers/ team leaders need?

The reassurance and refocus this programme brings cannot be underestimated.

Still not sure, well have a read of the testimonial below, the impact I've made is clear!