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Simple slicing

Outstanding slicing results for small to mid-sized applications.

The semi-automatic S 300 slicer achieves exceptionally high-quality slices of various food products including cheese, bacon, sausages, deli meats, and fish. It uses a round blade and includes a variable cutting ratio for optimum performance over a wide range of slicing applications. A stacking conveyor is also included to provide consistent delivery and appearance of stacked portions. 

Products with a maximum length of up to 1,000 mm can be gently and perfectly sliced, even at warmer temperatures, then deposited in the predefined arrangement or pattern for consistent results with minimal trim and give-away.

Shingled portions

Attractive, consistently spaced shingles make for great-looking packages.

Stacked portions

Straight stacks up to 50mm tall, with or without interleaving between each slice.

Staggered stacked portions

Stacks with a small overhang to help separate the slices.

Maximum reliability

Maximum process reliability and flexibility with intuitive operating convenience.

The S 300 can be used as a stand-alone unit or as a module within a slicing and packaging line. Downtime during recipe or format change is reduced to the absolute minimum. The operator control panel simplifies operation, reduces potential operating errors, and ensures that reliable, reproducible processes are achieved. Short set-up times, rapid conversion, and full access to the machine for easy maintenance and cleaning, guarantee high availability in everyday production. High efficiency and quality of sliced products ensure peak performance.


Available in standard and extended length options.




paper or plastic

Pneumatic gripper


Dynamic weighing system

mono scale with marking conveyor

Packaging equipment integration

upon request

Everything from one source

Loading, slicing, portion feeding, packaging, printing and labeling of sliced products.

Operating in conjunction with a thermoforming packaging machine and other components from MULTIVAC, the slicer forms a line featuring high output, consistent pack quality, excellent process reliability and operating convenience, as well as future-proofing and digitalization offered through MULTIVAC Smart Services.

The product logs are manually loaded into the slicer, where they are secured by the product grippers, before being fed into the cutting chamber. A flexible slicing process enables a wide range of portion sizes and shapes to be produced, which are fed over an optional check-weigher. Incorrect weights are identified by the marking conveyor to indicate to the loading operators which packs need to be reworked prior to loading into the packaging machine.

The packs are subsequently sealed under modified atmosphere (MAP) or vacuum, before being cut into individual packs and discharged from the packaging machine. Optional direct web printer, located at the upper web infeed and equipped with a high-performance TTO 30 thermal transfer printer, is used to print variable data on the packs. In addition to printing the best-before date on the upper web, it is also possible to apply a label automatically to the upper and lower webs.

Cost-effective, efficient, sustainable

This simplified line solution is built to compete.

The S 300 semi-automatic slicer and thermoforming packaging machine provide a robust, cost-effective solution for simple slicing and packaging applications, and is built to compete in price and performance, ideal for customers with budgetary constraints.


Advice on slicing & packaging applications

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Slicing demonstration of MULTIVAC slicing equipment

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