Let's celebrate all the different types of mums!

Fur-Mother's Day     Saturday, 11th May

Mother's Day       Sunday, 12 May

Step-Mother's Day  Sunday, 19th May

Group Shopping Sessions

What's Included

  1.  A fun shopping expedition at Chadstone Shopping Centre!
  2. Learn some style secrets tailored specifically for everyone's unique shape!
  3. Say goodbye to style ruts because we're on a mission to explore fresh styles that'll have everyone feeling fresh and confident!
  4. Before we hit the stores, I've meticulously handpicked a selection of clothes that match everyone's budget, lifestyle, and shape. So when we arrive, it's straight to the fun stuff!

Exclusive Bonuses

  1. And once we've conquered the shops, it's time to raise a glass of sparkling wine and toast to our fabulous finds and even more fabulous selves!
  2. Exclusive access to styling advice for a full two weeks after your Group Shopping Session!

Let's make memories and celebrate Mother's Day in style!


At 11.59 pm on Sunday, 19 May 2024 (AEST).

You can buy now and book your shopping session between 1 May and July 31, 2024.

Step 1: Make the purchase. Step 2: Book your shopping date (between 1 May and 31 July 2024). Step 3: Jude will email you the online Style Questionnaire so that she can learn more about everyone and their style dilemmas. Step 4: Jude will organise 20-minute catch-ups (phone or Zoom) with everyone individually to understand more of their style needs. Step 5: Jude will start her research. Step 6: We go shopping!

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