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Experience the Healing, Power, Sacred Activism and Magic of Embodied Anger

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What you will learn:

-  Embodiment Practices for experiencing the Healing Power & Vitality of Anger to Catalyze Healing, Empowerment, Boundaries, Self Love and Self Respect

-  The Difference Between Mental Anger: Frustration, Bitterness and Resentment and Embodied Anger: Vitality, Self Love and Fierce Protection

-  The Connection Between Co-Dependency, Self Harm, Autoimmune Disorders and Suppressed Anger

-  Embodied Transmission on Goddess Spirituality- Ancient Visions of Feminine Power Before Patriarchy

-  Feminine Rage as the Archetype of the Divine Mother as a Force of Justice, Sacred Activism and Protection of Innocence

-  Sacred Rage and Sacred Purpose- How the Power of Embodied Anger Can Fuel Your Purpose In The World

When a woman connects to and cultivates a positive, mature relationship to the Life Force Energy of Sacred Rage, she plugs into an ancient lineage of Feminine Magic that can move mountains.

She Becomes a Force of Nature.

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