Singles Coaching Program

You feel God is calling you to marriage and you're stuck in your single life

What You'll Experience:

  • 10 One-on-One 60-minute personalized weekly coaching sessions
  • 1 Energy Leadership Index Assessment (to assess and improve your default attitude)
  • Connect with your God-given life mission
  • Deep dive into the obstacles that hold you back from the thriving marriage you desire
  • Gain a mastery over your personal finances and design a financial vision
  • Formation inspired by St. John Paul II's Theology of the Body
  • A personalized strategy to get higher quality dates

You know the experience... you watch over the years as your friends entering into their Vocations of marriage, priesthood, and religious life and you wonder "when will it be me?"

Dating apps and young adult events often lead to dead ends.

What you really seek is personal transformation to live your God-inspired purpose today while also preparing for the marriage of your dreams.

That's where I can help.