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Welcome to the Dolce VITA Revolution—a transformative journey designed to empower dynamic leaders like you to overcome challenges, enhance productivity, and achieve holistic well-being in today's ever-evolving world.

I have created a guito to offer you a sneak peek into actionable tips tailored to address your most pressing leadership challenges, drawing from the four pillars of my Dolce VITA methodology: Vitality, Inspiration, Techniques and Assets.

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In a V.U.C.A. world where leadership effectiveness and personal well-being are paramount, this guide serves as your roadmap to success. By implementing the insights shared within, you'll gain practical strategies to navigate complexities, foster resilience, and lead with clarity and purpose. Whether you're seeking to reclaim your role as a dynamic leader, enhance productivity, or achieve work-life integration, this freebie offers invaluable guidance to propel you forward.


By downloading this freebie, you'll embark on a transformative journey towards enhanced leadership effectiveness, holistic well-being, and sustainable success. Gain actionable tips to optimize your systems, expand your skill set, cultivate a growth mindset, and prioritize self-care. Unlock your leadership potential, foster a thriving organizational culture, and experience the sweet rewards of living in alignment with the Dolce VITA philosophy.

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Meet Angela

Italian by birth and cosmopolitan by vocation, Angela is the one-of-a-kind Founder of Dolce Vita Leadership and Lifestyle Consulting for elite entrepreneurs, executives, and experts. She is fiercely protective of her craft – the art that is the science behind the good life. As such, she has pioneered the Four Pillars of la Dolce VITA mastery model.

Working privately with a select group of ultra-high performers and global leaders, her Mediterranean-infused methodology ascends today’s high flyers to unprecedented success by living and leading the La Dolce VITA way.

Humanistic by nature, Angela’s love for people initially led her to 20+ years in HR and Organizational Development. It was reaching the pinnacle in corporate that helped Angela realize surface-level success is not sustainable. Her life, relationships, family, and passions needed to be nurtured.

“Discipline is freedom!”

This is her mantra. The pathway to thriving while living a meaningful life.

A “disciplined rebel” – behind Angela’s high achiever mentality beats the maverick heart of one who has always lived according to her own rules.

If Angela were a movie, she would be a remix of “Breakfast at Tiffany” and “Easy Rider”: as she perfectly integrates and embodies the two opposites. Her style is sophisticated yet casual, and her knowledge feeds her unassuming power.

Angela believes that even those who have achieved what others have defined for them as the highest levels of success deserve to truly, deeply, love – and live – their one life to its fullest