A 50 hour Yin Yoga teacher training - a subtle body anatomy approach

An energetic healing approach to Yin Yoga and introduction to 

Five Element Theory using the principles of traditional Chinese medicine.

50 CPD hrs

    This training will awaken your senses to the subtle anatomy and inner pathways of your body, awakening your systems to a more receptive way of living and being, expanding your yoga toolbag, naturally the result a broader approach to healing in your Yin Yoga offerings ‘

    'A unique approach to guiding your students to wholeness'

                  Are you a curious student of life, a Yoga teacher or a Yin teacher seeking new inspiration? 

      • Are you a yoga teacher wanting to bring more Yin into your offerings?

      • Are you a yoga teacher wanting to upgrade your Yin offerings to incorporate more TCM and 5 element theory?

      • Are you a curious student who would love to immerse themselves into this 2/3000 year old ancient wisdom, offering you a rich flavour of the body's physical and emotional response and also its natural healing ability, seasonal shifting and processing?

      • Are you a student looking to understand more about the energy body and your emotions?

      • Are you longing to up your skills in the energetics and emotional aspects to support your students in a deeper way?

      • Are you keen to explore a practice which offers a bridge to move through emotional and energetic blockages, transforming pain to purpose, self doubt to personal power?

      • Perhaps you're currently offering a more functional approach to the practice?

      • Are you embodying the true energetics of TCM in your Yin offerings?

      • Would you like to incorporate a richer flavour of the elements but don't know how?

       Read on, this training is for you...

        Why Yin Yoga ?

        • Physical benefits:

          • Yin helps prevent joint rigidity and immobility, while also helping to enliven degenerative tissues and simultaneously nourishing the meridians.

          • Targets the 'Yin' parts of the body - the deeper layers of connective tissue which more Yang practices don't. In doing so improves lubrication through greater hydration of tissues, reducing joint pain while increasing the range of motion and flexibility

          • Stimulates growth of fibroblasts (cells responsible for creating collagen) and reduces osteopenia and osteoperosis

        • Energetic benefits:

          • Stimulates the production and flow of Qi and Jing energies

          • Nourishes the organs through acupressure, via compression of the meridian lines

          • Calms the nervous system - turning off the sympathetic nervous system - fight orflight response

        • Heart Mind complex benefits:

          • Reduces stress levels and calms the mind due to its requirement of a slower pace and being in stillness

          • A mindfulness practice - we learn to witness our thoughts in holding postures rather than move, react or engage. Thus slowing down cultivates the ability to respond rather than react to life's challenges

          • Builds emotional resilience and buoyancy and supports the development of self compassion

        • General

          • Therapeutic benefits are both immediate and cumulative

        A comprehensive Yin teacher training 

        A 5 Element Theory approach

        • Theory, ancient wisdom, philosophy:

          • Foundational elements essential to understanding the essence of this ancient system, encompassing history, Qi, the nature of duality - Yin Yang Theory, Fascia, Mind-body connection, 5 element theory and interrelationship, the medicine clock and the 5 emotions.

          • An exploration of the embodied energies by each of the elements - Water, Wood, Fire, Earth and Metal - cultivating an energetic awareness of each meridian pathway and it's emotional flavours.

          • Explore each unique element by organ, functionality, energetic and emotional qualities and how to identify when in balance and out of balance

          • Get into rich detail of each of the 5 elements, enabling you to connect more thoroughly to the spirit of the element. With space to reflect on your own life experience this will bring it to life in an embodied way

          • Seasonal influence, and how we can prepare for internal changes to best protect our health, wellbeing and energy

          • Explore the physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual aspects of our beings

        • Practice

          • Yin postures for each of the elements, with modifications, and use of props.

          • Meridian pathways for each element and their most poignant trigger points.

          • Integrate 5 element system into an intelligent and very conscious style of sequencing, designed to respond to the seasons of nature and life and various human tempraments.

          • Yin sequences which are infused with the energetic qualities of the elements

          • Approach teachings adapting to the needs of your students anatomically and emotionally.

          • Consious approach to theming - seasonal, emotional and using what is present in the space intuitively

          • Space holding - embodied exploration of what the elements mean to your own life story, and how to bring your authentic expression to your teaching space.

        • A unique approach 

          • Awaken to the knowledge that is already within you, a deeper spiritual connection to yourself and all that is. Feel a deep connection to nature and the wisdom of the healing elements.

          • Explore the embodied energies of the elements, revealing your own personal tendencies, life’s experiences & it’s influence, allowing space for all emotional flavours

          • Cultivate a conscious way of connecting with your emotions, creating safe space for what calls to be released and integrated so you can feel more whole, expanding your capacity to hold space for yourself and those around you. Thus establishing tools to cultivate emotional buoyancy.

          • Exploration of how to incorporate these themes with deep meaning for authentic, real impact.

          • By sensing into the elements through an embodied way, deliver your teachings with authenticity and from a place of personal integration. 

        By the end of the training you will...

        • Be leading transformational Yin yoga teachings of deep meaning and feel connected to your sense of purpose.

        • Understand how 5 element theory can support your mind and body through seasonal shifts and changes

        • Feel more aware of your emotional fluxes, and hold yourself through the ebbs and flow of life, thus feeling safer in your body and more whole.

        • You will be able to use the elements to craft new inspirational offerings for your yoga community

        • Create conscious connection within your relationships and community

        • Become more self aware, as a result a more compassionate human being

        Course investment details:

        An in person training of both theory and practical held at Yoga Dragon Studio, Lancaster. 


        • October 11th, 12th & 13th - 10.30am - 6.30pm

        • November 8th, 9th & 10th - 10.30am - 6.30pm


        £630 Early bird until August 30th - deposit of £200 

        £695 Full price from September 1st - deposit of £295

        To reserve your space your deposit is required and is *non-refundable 

        *(unless the teacher cancels the course)

        Payment plans available to spread the cost 

        Full payment is required by October 4th before commencement of the course. 

        Additional info

        • Required reading  -  Insight Yoga - Sarah Powers

        • Optional additional reading  The complete guide to Yin Yoga - Bernie Clarke

        • Full attendance is necessary for CE hours

        • Whatsapp group will be available for the duration of our course with access to teacher and group support sharing.