The Rejuvenation Room- Here, I guide you to discover your unique energy flow so you know how best to use your energy without overwhelm.

I will also facilitate you to connect with your inner why through meditations so you can open yourself to your creative spirit and let your muses guide you. And if you really just need to rest you can do that here too.

The Room of Possibilities- A room where you work on your creative project in parallel with others in the space and connect via the chat.

The Collaboration Station- A room where you share your work or collaboration ideas or ask for support from the others for brainstorming and creative connection.

In each call you have the option to go through two of the three doorways and spend 45 minutes in each room you choose.

Together we will connect you:

  • More deeply to your why

  • To your soul’s magic (with ample space to explore, play, jump around with your curiosity)

  • To inspired actions that energize you without overwhelm and self-doubt.

Play is one of the best ways we can learn and embody something new. It gives us space to explore, experiment and collaborate with purpose and fun!

As your Soul Play Guide, I have created this space after deeply rejuvenating my soul and body after the last few years of illness, constant change and community separation.

From this experience, I realized how important it is for us to recalibrate our energy systems before we begin to make changes in our life.

Over the last few years, we collectively have been asked to shift and put our needs and desires on the back burner so we can just survive.

Many of us struggled with staying connected and being in community.

The overwhelm of it all has tasked our energy, and dimmed our spirit.

The Soul Play Collective is here to give you space to rejuvenate, explore, create, and commune so your spirit can begin to shine again.

I am an Artist, Soul Magic coach, and Empowerment Facilitator. However, during most of my adult life I struggled on and off with allowing my creative spirit to be my guide and letting my artistic expressions lead the way.

Through rejuvenation and connecting with my own curiosity, I have discovered how to make time for inner exploration, say yes to my creative urges, and understand my sacred energy system. 

This journey has allowed me to reflect, play, and flourish in all areas of my life.

During each gathering, you will be invited to experience rejuvenation practices, playful prompts and a space to play that will help you reconnect with your desires and creative urges, so you can:

🌊Tune in to your creative ebbs and flows.

🎨Finish that art project that’s been in your closet for months

🎸Pick up that instrument that is collecting dust

🧹Declutter your space and make it beautiful

✍️Write that poem or start an essay that has been swirling in your head for months

⚡Craft a monthly plan so you are putting your energy where YOU want it to go

🎴Play with your passions and befriend your intuition and inner wisdom

👐Use this time for whatever you want to create

    Become a part of a collaborative community that creates deeper connections and a space to share and elevate the work of those that participate.