If you're here, it's because you wanted to download a copy of my Grow your Spiritual Gifts Cheat Sheet to get some ideas on how to nurture YOUR spiritual gifts.

So often, we hear our Pastors talk about this, but aren't entirely equipped as to knowing how to identify or develop our giftings.  I wanted to create a tool to help move you in the right direction!   

Download this free checklist which comes with:

• A spiritual Gifts Test to discover what your top gifts are

• A list of all the spiritual gifts mentioned in the New Testament, sorted by where they're found. 

• Five practical action steps with explanations beneath each gift, so you have some ideas on how to develop those gifts in your practical life.  

• And a surprise within your free download on how you can develop your gifts further!  

Just drop your info above and get started in finding more fulfillment and purpose in your life!!