Contact me to inquire about my Podcast Plan Mastermind coaching program!  With me as your coach, you'll get your show up in just 10 weeks, equipped with the tools to grow and monetize it, and a Podcast Network you can join upon graduation!  Email: [email protected]

You can't help but succeed!

The biggest benefit is definitely learning so many new things! She really cares about her students and getting their podcasts going successfully. She is so encouraging all through the process! I'd definitely recommend it for anyone, especially those of the older generation!  With her patience and caring you can't help but succeed!

So many tools!

I was probably the most nervous student in class.  I knew so little about anything that starting a podcast entailed. Truly it is hard to express how much knowledge Jenilee provided to her students. The workbook is AMAZING, filled with checklists that I will be using weekly, homework to keep you on track to launch your podcast before the end of the coursework, and more, so much more!!!

I found my voice!

I asked her several questions before taking the dive, and she was so gracious to answer all of them. She also took it a step further by asking me some questions that helped me find my voice and build my confidence in taking on this new venture.  Now I’ve got tons of tools at my disposal and clear, concise formats for all things needed. What’s even better is that most of the apps and sites she recommends are absolutely free! I’m all about affordable when starting out!

This is the BEST time to start a podcast if there ever was one!  Podcast listenership is climbing every year and is expected to DOUBLE by the end of 2024, however it is a very unsaturated platform as compared to youtube or social media, making it easier for YOU to get discovered!  

Starting a podcast however, presents MANY questions like, 

"Where do I host my show?" 

"How do I find my audience and how do they find me?" 

"What equipment do I need?" 

"Are all these tools and services worth the investment or is there a more affordable way to do this?" and on and on.  

If you're struggling to start a podcast and need more guidance than just the tools provided in this checklist, I offer a Podcast coaching Mastermind where I help students get their show UP and growing within ten weeks, while also equipping them to maintain it on a budget, with limited time, and with tools to monetize as they grow.   I'd love to walk with you through getting your show up too!

Please reach out by emailing me at: [email protected]

Well Worth It!

Jen’s experience as a podcaster in the top 1% means she knows what she is doing. She understands how to market, what audiences like and don’t like and she willingly shares her experience with others, that is such a gift! 
Her videos and workbook will catapult you into starting in just a few short weeks with top-of-the-line marketing tools in your back pocket.
If you are hesitant to spend money to join a mastermind course, rest assured every penny you spend will be well worth it. 

A God-send!

When I learned of Jen's Mastermind, I immediately signed up.  Jenilee believes in me more than I even believe in myself, is patient beyond words, truthful with kindness, and bound and determined I am going to be a life-changing Podcaster whether I believe it myself or not. She has a wealth of knowledge and loves to teach.  In the months I've known her, I have fallen in love with her spirit and her confidence that I can be better than I am. I thank God every day He sent her my way.


Jenilee is an expert in this space, truly a walking library of valuable information, and the customized program she created is start-to-finish all-inclusive, intuitive, professional and highly organized! With a patient guru like her guiding and encouraging me, I’ve been able to overcome fear and frustration, and I couldn’t be more excited about the clear path her program has laid out before me! Because of the foundation provided by Jen’s program, I know that the Frontal Lobe Podcast will be a hit!