A science-based approach to Figure Skating Success.

About Perform’Live

Unlocking higher levels of success on the ice – Perform’Live brings a science-based approach to figure skating, removing the guesswork and producing results with real impact.
In the figure skating world, precision is crucial. That’s why Perform’Live was launched in 2009 by French coach Arnaud Muccini — to bring this same level of accuracy to your training sessions!

Making the most of technology to help elevate your performance.

Our unique, in-depth video analysis provides comprehensive insights for coaches, helping figure skaters develop better jump techniques and deliver top performances every time.

Figure Skating Coach & Video Analyst

Besides being a professional figure skating coach, Arnaud is a certified Dartfish performance analyst expert whose attention to detail has driven numerous figure skaters to master their technique and win notable championships. Arnaud ranks among the best Dartfish video analysts in the world.

He previously collaborated with top Olympic coaches such as Véronique Guyon( Coach of Brian Joubert, 2007 World Champion), Denise Meyer (Coach of Bradie Tennel, an American Champion), and Alexei Mishin.

Alongside Zhao Hongbo, Olympic Champion, and Head coach, Arnaud helped the National Chinese skating team to prepare for the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics. SUI-HAN won the Gold medal in the pairs figure skating event at the Beijing 2022 championships.