Are you worried about your teen? 

Is your teen struggling in school, navigating friendships, feeling sad or otherwise just having a hard time? Maybe they're not struggling, but you wish they were more engaged, happier or had better emotional and mental steadiness. 

You want to help them, but don't even know where to start... They aren't listening to your advice, but you don't even know what kind of help to ask for or what type of practitioner to look for...

I see you. I understand. I've been there. 

WHO is the Teen FLAME Program for?

The Teen FLAME Program is for any teenager who experiences any combination of the following: 

-Struggles navigating relationships (friends, families, boy/girl friend, teachers, etc) 
-Has low self esteem or self-worth
-Struggles to manage big emotions
-Experiences anxiety
-Struggles in school
-Retreats away from others
-Places excess pressure on themselves to perform well
-Is a people pleaser
-Struggles with decision making
-Lacks motivation
-Struggles to communicate effectively
-Has big goals they want to achieve
-Wants to learn leadership
-Etc, etc, etc 

The Teen FLAME Program can help most teenagers with most anything they are navigating. The concepts, tools and skills are applicable in all areas of life and the 1:1 coaching sessions are unique and individual to your each teen and their circumstances. 
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Ok, let's talk details. What does the Teen FLAME Program entail and how does it work? 

The program is built on five simple and super effective concepts that teach your teen all about their brains, their emotions, their potential and so much more. You know...all the things we're most often NOT talking about or learning about as a society. 

Here your teen will discover the following: 

Feelings: recognizing, naming and processing emotions. 
oving themselves and others: Learning about self-worth, self-love and knowing their value in the world. 
ccountability for their own emotions:  Owning their emotions and learning to not allow other people or situations to determine or dictate how they feel. 
ind Management: Learning to recognize what the brain offers without our awareness, then intentionally learning to choose thoughts that better serve them. 
Expecting outcomes and results of their efforts: Learning that they hold more power and ability than they realize to create any outcome regardless of life's circumstances. That there is GREATNESS within them.🤍

Your teen learns concepts, tools and skills along with 1:1 coaching unique to them and their circumstances.
Your teen will build mental and emotional resiliency through discovering Feelings, Love, Accountability, Mind Management and Expectations. All skills, tools and concepts are taught, and then the coaching is tailored to your teens individual needs and circumstances. It’s effective in any area of life. The key here is a teen who is open and willing.

Parent(s) have access to all videos and are encouraged to learn with your teen so you can support your teen (as well as take advantage for yourself and implement it in your own life.)

Got six minutes? Watch this video to learn WHY I created 

the Teen FLAME Program. 

Client Testimonials: 


Working with Amber has been so insightful. The questions she asks are very thought provoking and help me find the answers to my own problems. She helps me discover what feels authentic and true to me with no agenda of what she thinks I should do. Amber is real. Amber tells the truth with love. Amber can say things that might be hard to hear and she does it without judgment. -Trisha 

These sessions have really helped me have a better understanding of how much control I really have over my mindset. They have taught me tons of really valuable lessons that are going to make life so much easier! These tools are so powerful and useful, I'm very grateful that I was able to learn them as a teen so I can use them for the rest of my life. - Cara 


I am so grateful for this program and how it has helped my life. It has definitely changed my outlook on my emotions and my feelings. -C.A.

Highly Recommend! 
I loved the Teen Flame program! I love the opportunity my kids had to be able to learn more about how their brain works and give them tools to help them get through challenges. Amber is amazing to work with the kids and give them tools to help them for the rest of their lives. I would highly recommend this program! CA