Testing in DevOps:

A Guide to Optimised Testing For Speedy and High Quality Delivery

Are you struggling with friction between developers and testers in your team even after adopting Agile and DevOps practices? Is this internal discord causing delays and impacting the quality of your software delivery?

There is a way forward. If you're keen to understand how to seamlessly incorporate testing into this new Agile and DevOps world, you're in the right place.

Imagine a harmonious environment where developers and testers work hand in hand, eliminating friction, and doubling your team's output. No more late-night code crunches and frustrated faces. Instead, you get accelerated delivery timelines, high-quality software, and a happier, more productive team.

Very insightful book for anyone wanting to learn about the role of testing within DevOps. This ebook is very well written, packed with loads of loads of information and great suggestions on how to build DevOps testing processes. Highly recommended.
- Kim C. 

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Testing in DevOps

A Guide to Optimised Testing for Speedy and High Quality Delivery

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