Experience newfound inspiration & motivation in a fun & exciting way, empowering you to become the central force in your life, not your diagnosis.


A step-by-step workbook designed specifically for Challengers, featuring:

Daily Dose of Becoming Empowered: Discover the simple micro-actions to create powerful habits leading to a sense of empowerment within.

Step into Your Power Tracker: Commit to the challenge by actively tracking the daily habits & witness the transformation unfold.

Milestone Affirmations Activity Sheet: Embrace, reinforce & celebrate the milestones you've achieved by affirming your truth towards change.


✅ Join the 'Empowerment Challenge - Be More, Do More' community Facebook group to be inspired, share and celebrate your achievements with like-minded challengers.

✅ Enjoy free group coaching from a trained mindset and life transformation coach who has successfully navigated the same journey!