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I am so appreciative for this because it’s helped to educate me about all the havoc that can take place inside our bodies and how it can severely impact our sleep. A lot of people, including widespread professionals,
believe insomnia is all just in the mind and anxiety related. Some believe it is solely the fear of not sleeping. That may be the case for many, but hasn’t been the case for me and millions of others. It also helped me eliminate a handful of supplements and guided me on reintroducing the helpful ones, one at a time. Even now it continues to answer my questions and
concerns when I am in a state of worry and panic and for that I am so grateful. Take the time to read his guide and I’m sure you will get some important takeaways.”

Dominic D. NY, USA

I had a sense that this complicated condition can be explained in simple terms. I enjoyed how you kept it real, explained the layers and the order of peeling the onion. Very helpful fundamentals.

Tomas M., UK

When I read the guide, I was surprised to find out that all the symptoms I have suffered over the years, including insomnia, are actually related to heavy metal poisoning. Also, the guide provides information on how to deal with these difficult sensitivities and what process should be followed in order to recover.