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Professional guidance in your research

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When you’re tired of deciphering random records

Building a reliable family tree is tricky. What records should you use? What do they say and what does it mean? And on top of that you’re doing it in a made up language! Maybe not made up per se, but ”Lefvnads- och Sjukdoms-omständigheter.” Really?

Feel familiar?

Maybe you spent
$200 on a subscription only to get irrelevant hints in the hundreds.

Perhaps you've browsed free genealogy sites, unable to tell which Anders Andersson is yours.

You may have searched all of the internet for your family name to find any sort of clue.

But I’m here to help you discover your Swedish family history and make sense of it.

Even with…

  • not knowing Swedish. 
  • little information about your ancestry in Sweden.
  • a full schedule.
  • a persistent brick wall in the 1850s.
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What if you could understand your ancestor’s life in Sweden?

You’ve traced your Swedish family back to Kerstin Eriksdotter, born in 1736. At age 25, Kerstin was pregnant, unmarried, and facing a life of stigma. She married the father, but life continued to be hard for Kerstin. And in the end, it makes sense that the records says she died at 53 of ”old age”.

You can get there. That’s why I created Shortcut to Sweden.


Shortcut to Sweden

Shortcut to Sweden is a beginner friendly email course. It’s delivered biweekly on Saturday mornings (EST). Because we know you’re busy. Give us three minutes every other week and you’ll discover your Swedish ancestry and the “old times.”

Here’s what you get...

  • The best methods for researching in Sweden.
  • The unique Swedish records types, their history and how to read them.
  • Other resources and how to access them.
  • The history of the old Swedish society.
  • Clear examples.
  • Steps to implement what you learn in your own research.
  • Everything made specifically for descendants of Swedes around the world.

A word from our subscribers

Hej, brave soul! Annika here.

Is this you?

You should definitely subscribe if…

  • you want to learn about your Swedish ancestry but don’t have a lot of money.
  • you don’t know where to start with your Swedish genealogy.
  • you feel your research in Sweden can be more effective.
  • you’re curious and like to try things out for yourself.

You might want to wait to subscribe if…

  • you don’t have any information at all about your Swedish ancestry.
  • money is tight right now.
  • you’re not interested in the context of your family history.
  • you want personal help with your research.

If you change your mind

Got questions?

Is it worth it? My fees for genealogy sites are adding up...

I understand wanting to be careful with money. That's the whole reason why this email course exists. Shortcut to Sweden will make your research more effective. Some paid options are mentioned throughout Shortcut to Sweden, but the main focus is on free tools.

How can I fit this into my life?

Each update of Shortcut to Sweden takes about three minutes to read. You might want to spend another 20 minutes exploring the concepts and action steps, but it’s entirely up to you. That’s time you will easily save on your research.

Is it relevant to my family history?

In Shortcut to Sweden, you get my professional advice from researching across Sweden in different times. I use examples from various locations and ages. All combined with useful tips and context.

What do I get?

Shortcut to Sweden is driven by curiosity and a love for life stories. It's presented with a solid structure and live examples.

You will learn the specific methods for genealogy research in Sweden. You will know how to find and use the records, and understand their history. You will have historical insights that make sense of your Swedish ancestry. Each update ends with a summary and steps to try it out.

How is this different from other courses in Swedish genealogy?

As far as I know, this is the only course in Swedish genealogy that is focused on being concise. I know you have a full life. I created Shortcut to Sweden to give you access to the Swedish records and history without committing to hours of studying. The updates are structured and clear and take three minutes to read.

Are you in?

Shortcut to Sweden

A beginner friendly course in Swedish family history.

Records, history and context.

Clear examples and steps to follow.

A three minute read every other Saturday morning (EST).

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Shortcut to Sweden

Professional guidance in your Swedish family history.

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