Financial Fitness Guide for Entrepreneurs!


Stacey Bennett

Founder & Vision Setter,                                                    The SLC Group

Stacey Bennett is committed to using her business to bring about a better world. With years of mentoring experience in a variety of settings and a background in accounting, she landed on Profit First coaching with a passion for helping purpose-driven businesses thrive.

Through her work, Stacey has helped countless individuals and businesses understand and improve their financial standing. Her approach incorporates education and support, giving clients the tools and systems they need to make sound decisions about their money - providing a listening ear, encouraging words, and honest feedback to help them succeed.

From the heart, Stacey is dedicated to helping young people access the tools and opportunities they need to thrive in the world. She has worked as a youth mentor and program facilitator with Colorado Youth At Risk, NAMI Colorado, US-Brazil Connect, Young Invincibles, and more. She created the Two to the Future TM revenue give-back program to continuously dedicate 2% of her resources to empowering youth financial literacy.