Can two best friends thrown onto two very different paths learn to grow together or will they fall apart?

Etta dreams of being the first woman to play for the St. Louis Cardinals. Gina just wants to hang with her best friend and baseball is a fun way to do that! When the varsity coach says, “No Girls Allowed” Etta fights for her right to belong while Gina learns she doesn’t love baseball enough. A diverging path emerges for the first time and the two best friends face tough decisions about who they are both with and without each other.

The fight leads Etta to getting closer to Gina’s twin brother, Carl who tries to help her challenge the principal, the coach, and the school’s overall decision to stick to old-fashioned rules. Gina, on the other hand, follows her annoying cousin to the spring musical where she gets a choice role and a very cute onstage boyfriend. Things aren’t easy, Etta and Gina must decide how far they are willing to go to be completely themselves. Can the relationship survive high school politics, boys and new friends or will the dynamic duo be lost forever?

Jennifer Gregson’s latest young adult coming of age novel, Etta & Gina, is a funny and poignant look at the awkward lives of teenage girls. If you like novels by Julie Murphy, Rainbow Rowell, or John Green then you will love Jennifer’s latest story about the complexity of female friendships, the weight of family expectations, and the growing pains that come with trying to figure it all out.

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