Finding New Markets for your Association


11am - 3pm eastern time

This workshop is a live, interactive overview of defining your current and future association market.

Two important keys to the association market is to think in tandem about where to play and how to win. Doing so will push you to think beyond historic or well-trod market targets. It will also push you to think more strategically about your market position and, therefore, your market’s growth potential.

In this interactive workshop, we will address the following concepts.

  • Describe your current market. Who do you serve?

  • Describe your core market. These are the customers or constituents who need you the most.

  • Define your total addressable market (TAM). TAM is the revenue opportunity available for a particular product.

  • The power and pitfalls of market research.

  • Identify your niche and any areas of differentiation.

  • Clearly understand your current market strengths and organizational core competencies (these are different).

  • Define your competition and identify possible blue ocean opportunities. 

  • List your main influencers. These are the key people and leading organizations in your market.

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Enhance Engagement

Make your association indispensable by creating a culture of longitudinal connection and learn to monetize engagement. 


Leverage underutilized value into new products that members want. Use these new products to build new revenue streams.


Utilize a repeatable product framework to unearth new ideas and develop new processes in order to reach new people.



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