How to Grow Membership

SEPTEMBER 27, 2024 & OCTOBER 4, 2024

11am - 1pm eastern time (both days)

DESCRIPTION. Need new revenue? Struggling to identify and reach new target audiences?

We’d like to help you change that.

This two-day (4 hour) live, online workshop will help you identify and penetrate markets above and beyond your bread-and-butter membership.

We will help you not only widen the playing field, but to create and deliver value to attract and engage new members, learners, and buyers.  

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WHAT YOU WILL LEARN. In this outcome-based workshop, you will learn how to:

  • Describe your core market. Who do you serve?

  • Define your total addressable market (TAM).

  • Identify (at least three) new markets!

  • Identify your niche and any areas of differentiation.

  • Understand your market strengths and organizational core competencies.

  • Define your competition and identify possible blue ocean opportunities. 

  • List your main influencers (the key people and leading organizations in your market).

HOW YOU WILL LEARN. We do learning differently in the product community. 

  • Live. This workshop is a live, online experience.

  • Engaging. We are a learning community. Our learning model is facilitator-led,  peer-based, engaging, and fun.

  • Tool-based. We use tools, frameworks, and models to help you engage with, understand, and apply course concepts.

  • Applied. Our learning model is designed for practical use. You will be able to immediately take what you learn and apply it to your association.


  • A high-level analysis of your core and potential markets. 

  • The identification of at least three new membership markets for your association. 

  • New energy.

  • New momentum.

  • New colleagues.

OUR PROMISE. We will offer a money back guarantee if you are not satisfied.

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How to Grow Membership

Live, interactive overview of defining your core and future association market.

$395.00 USD


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