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If you've started writing your life story, but never finished because the process felt overwhelming or never ending...

If you have been thinking about sharing your story for years, but can't seem to get around to crafting it (or feel stuck once you finally do)...

If it seems like EVERYONE keeps telling you "you should write a book", but no one's telling you how to get it done...

If you want to become a sought-after author and motivational speaker, but aren't sure where to start or how to get into the spotlight (without big PR spends wacky social media gimmicks)...

🌟The Signature Story Cheat Sheet Is For You!🌟

Your Signature Story isn't just a retelling of your life's events; it's the masterful integration of your powerful life story and your considerable expertise. It's what sets you apart, creates impact, and places you squarely in the spotlight.

A potent tool for connection, content, and inspiration, your Signature Story is the hallmark of your influence as a motivational speaker. Whether you're a seasoned professional, an entrepreneur, or a rising visionary, your Signature Story is the number one factor that will attract invitations to the stage as a sought-after speaker -- and keep those invitations coming!

With the Signature Story Cheat Sheet, you will:

  • Discover the secrets to crafting a story that resonates and inspires
  • Learn how to weave your life's story and professional expertise into a narrative that captivates and influences
  • Begin your journey to becoming a published author and expert speaker

Your Journey Into the Spotlight Starts HERE!

Why wait for the New Year to start transforming your dreams into reality? Your journey to impact and influence starts right here, right now, with this cheat sheet. And the best part? It's my holiday gift to you!

What's Inside the Signature Story Cheat Sheet?

The Cheat Sheet is a fillable document and two videos that will show you how to craft a Signature Story that helps you:

  • Connect to your audience deeply, so you can inspire, motivate, and spark transformation
  • Elevate your brand, so you're viewed as a sought-after authority and expert, who consistently speaks on-brand and on message
  • Unlock Opportunities, so you won't have to pour big dollars into PR or try to become the next TikTok dancing sensation

The Signature Story Cheat Sheet is the key for getting you out of the "I'll do it one day" crowd, so you can finally get it done!

No more wondering what to say or how to say it.
No more stopping and starting.
No more missed opportunities to connect and inspire.

Leave YOUR indelible mark on the world by writing your Signature Story!

Here's how it all started...

My first formal speaking invitation was for a conference that would host about 1,000 people. The moment I said "yes", I remembered that every speaker should have a book. But I didn't -- yet.

​Over the next 6 weeks, I'd craft my first memoir, Your Life's Calling, and as I was writing, I could envision myself on stage, speaking about the transformative points of the book.

When I got to the conference, I delivered my talk and not only was it a success, I sold every book I'd brought with me, and there were orders to be filled when I returned home! The leads for clients and invitations to speak continued to roll in, and every single time I shared my story and my expertise, the clients kept coming and my business kept growing!

Today, I run a successful speaking, coaching, and consulting firm, where I use my life's story and my expertise to help companies and individuals around the world launch businesses and emerge into new markets.

​My business operates in more than 18 countries and I have spoken on platforms all over the world.

I'm sharing this cheat sheet because I know that, like me, there are people who are called to step into the spotlight as a transformative, motivational speaker -- and they're wondering how do I make it happen?

My answer is short and simple: With your signature story!

Each time you share your story, you dramatically deepen the connection with your audience and community. They're able to see themselves in your story, grow from your expertise, and conquer their challenges with you in their corner.

When you access my Cheat Sheet and video you're going to discover, the same secrets and strategies I used to write my story and skyrocket my speaking business.

Don't just take my word! My clients are saying...

Don't miss this holiday gift!

This Holiday Season, I'm not just offering a resource; I'm offering the opportunity to get into the spotlight where you belong so you can create impact, generate income, and attract invitations as a sought-after motivational speaker.

Sign up now and start your journey to becoming a Signature Storyteller who changes lives and leaves a lasting legacy.

Meet your coach:
Dr. Rhonda Alexander

Meet Dr. Rhonda, a global powerhouse — successful entrepreneur, author, coach, and influential speaker. With three published books under her belt and a stage presence that spans the globe, she's leaving an indelible mark on the world. As the Founder of SoulScribe, she's the go-to coach and strategist for executives, entrepreneurs, and professionals aspiring to become authors and motivational speakers.

Dr. Rhonda's genius lies in harnessing the power of personal narratives, melding them with her clients' profound expertise, and weaving connections through her extensive network. With her guidance, known as the Story to Stage Methodology, clients craft a powerful Signature Story, the beacon that effortlessly attracts speaking invitations to big stages from across the globe.

Dr. Rhonda's purpose in life is to walk people out of darkness and into the light of who they're created to be. When you connect with her, get ready to level up! Whether it's in your business or in your personal life, Dr. Rhonda has the tools and support you need to be who you're created to be and live the life you're created to live!

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