What do YOU WANT to RECLAIM in your life?

💫Time to cultivate a deeper creative practice with the medium of your choice

💫Deeper intimacy and playfulness in your relationships and with yourself

💫To make financial resiliency a priority and love it up so you can invest in your dreams

💫Your passion and to create the foundations of a new venture that fuels your dreams and desires

Is this YOUR year to DO THAT THING ? 

Is it time to listen to your soul’s desire?

If you get quiet and listen to that inner voice; it’s whispering to you:

  • “Come play with me”

  • “Let’s rest, and rejuvenate so we can energize and bring our dreams into reality”

  • “Let’s investigate and adventure into something new”

  • “I am curious and want to adventure deeper”

  • “Follow your heart”

What is stopping you from breathing life into these forgotten passions?

When you look into the center you might see the tangled threads where your desires and trepidations intersect. There lay the roots of your soul’s yearning. 

When you uncover it, you can then start to unravel the strands that are holding it down below the surface.

  • Do you feel overwhelmed and overloaded, like your to do list is a mountain range of needs for other people?

  • Do you waver with prioritizing your time for your desires because you have a hard time saying no?

  • Does everyday feel gray and uninspiring?

  • Do you falter when it comes to creating compassionate boundaries?

  • Do you struggle with self worth so you can say YES to your dreams?

This is the time to RECLAIM YOU!

Have you made the resolutions, set the intentions to do something differently BUT they haven’t stuck?

Resolutions without a plan, accountability and a deep knowing of your WHY stay on the surface, above the tangle of desire and fear. 

🌑When you hide that tangle in the darkness of your center, you can get too comfortable with your fears and they start to run the show, your life. Then the darkness casts deep shadows on the desires seeded within and keeps them hidden.

When they are not rooted, they are easy to break. And, when we are ungrounded, we go into the spiral of shame and self-doubt and stay stuck.

🌞But when you SHINE a LIGHT on the deepest parts of YOU - your passion and visions, dreams and desires - the small hidden pieces of your soul are illuminated like steppingstones.


❤️‍🔥With each full breath, you breathe upon your embers of yearning, you give the flame more fuel and it starts to grow and illuminate your inner wisdom and passion. 

That warmth and light will guide you to unbury your deep desires that you had forgotten or not yet met. It will light your way home to you.

Each part of your being is unique and beautiful. Once you discover which parts need to be fertilized with love and grace, they can grow into the light and fully bloom.

Would you like to discover the seeds of deep desires within YOU and learn how to make them blossom into vibrant life?

I can help! Do you want to Reclaim You?

I am Andrea Parker, Founder of The Rejuvenation Grange.

Over the last decade I lost my spark and creative spirit and that deeply affected how I was able to connect with my family, my friends and colleagues. I retreated, felt depressed and so unfulfilled!

I lost my verve and the understanding of what my true gifts and expertise were.

I was stuck in the CIRCLE of DOING. 

I forgot that circle of doing is just a hamster wheel, the hustle that couldn’t move me any closer to attaining my dreams.

I was lost deep into my shadow and from this dark place I realized I had to light my own candle.

BUT I knew I could not do it alone.

So, I looked for support, and I eventually connected with some amazing women who guided me to my own inner flame.

I was then able to illuminate a clearer, richer path.

🌑When you hide that tangle in the darkness of your center, you can get too comfortable with your fears and they start to run the show, your life. Then the darkness casts deep shadows on the desires seeded within and keeps them hidden. 

It showed me how to go through the process of “DOING” to BEING without getting stuck. I then learned how to RECLAIM my deepest desires.

This has been a year of opening and receiving for me. 

My goal last year was to rejuvenate my life and workflow, so it felt luscious and inspiring, and WOW what a year it's been!

I have discovered not only what lights me up but tools that have allowed me to get to this place of deep connection to myself, my creative passion, and the divine.

You CAN have the time and space to connect with your soul’s yearnings. BUT you might need a guide who can offer extra support and accountability to make it happen.

I can support you if you:

  • Crave spaciousness in your week so you can connect to your playful desires without overwhelm.

  • Desire to reconnect with your desires so you can build stronger, more loving relationships with others and with yourself.

  • Wish to feel rejuvenated and energized by your passion so you can take inspired action instead of running on a hamster wheel that leads to nowhere.

  • Yearn to create financial resiliency that empowers and supports your dreams.

While I was rediscovering myself, three tools jump-started my reconnection with my soul's desires and my own BEING.

My personal RECLAIM Tool Kit that I designed for my desires and soul connection included:

  • Morning Ritual- Each morning I meditate and pull an oracle card and then journal for 15 minutes as a way to connect with my highest self and come into my body and know what needs my attention and when is the best time of the day to work with those important pieces.
  • Nature Adventures/ Artist Dates- I take one of these a week. This gives me inspiration and time to get curious and create a sense of wonder. This is when I connect with my big ideas and can play with them.
  • Creative Play Time- I have 2) 3 hour chunks a week for my art and creative writing which then fuels me to do the more mundane pieces for my business.

These tools gave me the boost of confidence I needed to start my personal deep dive and connect authentically to my highest self and my personal energy flow.

Yours may look very different which is the beauty of the RECLAIM process!

I want to help you connect to your highest self and guide you to design your Soul Play toolbox. This toolbox is just a part of the work we will do together and is just the beginning!

It takes time and work to get to a place of change, because transformation is a process that needs space to breathe, inform and spiral up.

Are YOU Ready to:

💫Uncover Your PASSIONS so Your Soul can Sing?

💫FIND the Space and Time so YOU can Connect with Your Desires and Create Your Sacred Vision?

💫Innovate an Empowered Resiliency Path that Supports Your Vision?

    Once you enroll, your journey begins.

    RECLAIM YOU! is the path that will guide your discoveries:

     ❤️‍🔥Give me 4 months and I will guide you to rejuvenate, connect to your passion, inner wisdom and create your empowered path so your soul can sing.

    Here is how it works! You will receive:

    💃1: 60 minute 1:1 call within the first month where you will be invited to set your intention and dive deep into your WHY.

    💫Join with other women in a Supportive Community Setting as I lead you through the RECLAIM Method. These 8) Bi-weekly sessions will set you up with all the tools you will need to CURATE the LIFE THAT WORKS FOR YOU !

    ❤️‍🔥4) 60 minute MONTHLY Group Soul Play Planning Calls-

    • The first two call we will CONNECT in a sacred space to CREATE and EXPLORE where your PASSIONS AND FEARS INTERSECT.

    • Then during the last 2 calls we will DESIGN your NATURAL WEEKLY FLOW so you have the time and space to CURATE A VISION-BASED PRACTICE and ILLUMINATE YOUR DESIRES.


    • You can nurture your soul at the SOUL PLAY 1 Day Virtual Retreat April 8th from 10-4 EST- Your admission is FREE!

    • 4 months access to the Soul Play Collective membership.

    • Access to the free Embodied Magic Sanctuary Circle where you can find even more support and guidance from me between sessions.


    Cost: $1500 or 4 payments of $397 a month