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Audiobook narration

I’ve narrated hundreds of audiobooks for the biggest publishers and independent authors. Click an image below for a sample.

"As Chris Abernathy narrates this celebration of American bourbon, the listener can almost feel the humidity and smell the Kentucky countryside.”

- Audiofile Magazine

Best Male Narration finalist 

- Independent Audiobook Awards 2019

"With his appealing pitch and tempo patterns, narrator Chris Abernathy provides this engaging audiobook with the perfect balance of documentary clarity and vocal pizzazz."

- Audiofile Magazine

Audiobooks Best Performance (Factual) Finalist 

- One Voice Awards 2021

"Abernathy's performance fits the general dread of this audiobook's progressive terror. He keeps the listener grounded in reality as the story heads into dark territory."

- Audiofile Magazine

"The reader complemented the book by making it sound as if you are truly listening to a first hand account of the Ancestral Traditions of the Appalachians."

- Customer Review

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