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Freshly-milled Flour Recipes

Lithuanian Bread

Authentic Lithuanian Bread made of whole-grain rye flour and wheat flour. This homemade rye bread is just like the dark rye bread sold at our favorite Eastern European market and is very similar to Jewish Rye bread.


Salsa Recipe for Canning

My favorite recipe for canning salsa! Made from fresh ingredients this homemade salsa recipe is the best, using fresh tomatoes, peppers, onions, and Mexican spices. Canning salsa is so easy and this salsa recipe for canning is perfect for the beginner!

Main Dishes

Plov (Russian Rice Pilaf Recipe)

Plov is a Russian Rice Pilaf Dish that can be interchanged with pork, beef, chicken, or lamb! This plov recipe is the ethnic food of Russia and Ukraine made from rice, carrots, cumin, and meat!