Start sharing your passion!

You have a desire to share your knowledge and expertise to help others to improve their lives, but perhaps you feel too intimidated to have a website or app. Social media pages great, don't get me wrong, but wouldn't you rather have a seamless platform that is both functional and beautiful for your content to call home???

I have partnered with Blend Precisely because their team has been coaching, educating and nurturing me since Bespoke Aromatherapy's humble beginnings. Is this bootcamp just for aromatherapists??? NO WAY ! Its for anyone who has a passion and wishes to share, teach, and inspire.  I created my new website with this platform and my future plans include free and paid  courses, a podcast as well as my blogs and events all in one beautiful seamless platform and native app! 

When you work with the Blend Precisely Natural Wellness App & Website Agency...

  • You receive detailed instruction videos 
  • Weekly Zoom Meetings address all of your questions & concerns
  • You have continuous support for the 5 weeks and beyond
  • You have access to TONS of bonus content - Mood boards, Chatgpt prompts, Canva tutorials, Email Marketing set-up just to name a few!

The Website & App Creation Bootcamp starts in:

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