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Please notethe weekly emails are penned by the Quarterdeck officers who run the ship. Captain Linnea Lucifer, Quartermaster Leto Armitage, Ship's Belle F.K. Marlowe, and Sea Witch M.W McLeod take turns sharing the ins and outs of their author journeys and highlights from the camp, writers' rooms and readers' retreat with you. 

We won't send you anything that isn't safe for work and family friendly. (Well, almost. We are pirates - there may be some innuendos and random expletives involved.) If you do like it hot, however, there's a link to our smutty addendum, Holihell Highlights, down below. Some of our crew write deliciously dark and dreamy stories...

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The Ship's Log comes with news and updates from the weekly author and may also include updates from vrew and passeners onboard. Unless there's something special we'd like to share with you on the spot, we'll send highlights from the Logbook once a week. Special news calls for 


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All Ship's Log entries are penned on Quarterdeck, the command centre of the Resilience. This is where I run the ship together with my Quartermaster Leto Armitage, the Ship's Belle F.K. "Belle" Marlowe and our Sea Witch M.W. "Marie" McLeod. 

Please, be careful if you spot a cockney rascal with a cheeky grin onboard. If he looks and sounds like he's jumped straight out of a Dickens' novel, it's probably F.K. Marlowe's incorrigible nephew, Artie. When he's around, you can bet your bottom dollar he's got some mischief up his sleeve. Or on his infamous barra.