5 Days to Fab Fitness Habits

Need to kickstart your fitness journey? 

Try these FREE 15-min Strength, Fitness and Pilates workouts and learn how to build a lasting exercise habit around your busy life. 

Are you ready to get stronger, tone up your body, improve your core and nail that exercise habit?

What You'll Get...

This FREE 5-day program will help kickstart your fitness journey and give you a taste of our Strong Fit Women workouts.

You don't have to be super fit, super strong or even super motivated, you just need a desire to change and 15-minutes a day for 5 days! 

I'm going to take you through workouts that will tone and strengthen your lower and upper body, improve your cardio fitness, burn fat, and target that tummy area! 

Each workout offers beginner and advanced versions with tips on how to perfect your technique to get the most out of each rep and keep you safe!

It’s only available for a short time... so be sure to sign up today!

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Meet Your Trainer

Kate Saynor

Kate is the Winner - Personal Trainer of the Year, 2020 New Zealand Exercise Industry Awards and has helped hundreds of women like you build healthier habits into their busy lifestyle!

As a three times Commonwealth Games Olympic Weightlifter, Certified Rehab Trainer, Advanced Pilates Instructor, wife and mother, Kate knows how hard it can be to eat clean and fit in regular exercise into your lifestyle. 

But with 20 years in the industry, Kate has the know-how to help you achieve confidence, resilience and a strong foundation to achieve your personal goals.