This bespoke programme gives children aged 8-14 and their families the tools they all need to manage their 'big feelings' and inspires them to be happier and more confident to be themselves

This programme is available as a face-to-face experience to families living in London postcodes:

W3, W4, W5, W6, W12, W14

Also Available Online Worldwide- subject to time zones!

Does your child:

✨ Get frustrated with themselves when things go wrong or they make mistakes

✨ Feel anxious or worried about friendships or learning

✨ Struggle to express 'big feelings' in ways that keep everyone safe

✨ Find it difficult to communicate their ideas, feelings and desires

✨ Have low confidence and/or self-esteem which may show up as withdrawal from activities they enjoy, negative self-talk, outbursts of emotion 

What would life look like if your child:

✨ Had a toolbox of resources to relieve anxiety and worries, especially when they face challenges
✨ Could be kind and compassionate to themselves when things don't go to plan
✨ Were able to express their ideas, feelings and desires articulately
✨ Knew what was important to them and were excited to pursue the things that interested them
✨ Were able to set boundaries for others and understood the importance of respecting the boundaries of others
✨ Was able to fully engage with learning opportunities and achieved better learning outcomes 

✨ Could be reflective and have a good understanding of their own potential for impact in the world


    ✨SHINE Brightly✨ is a bespoke, holistic well-being programme delivered either in the comfort of your own home or online

    It is for children who's family are dedicated to exploring well-being together, so that all members are able to manage their 'big feelings' and feel more confident to express their ideas and feelings

    ✨SHINE Brightly✨ supports all members of the family in feeling happier and more confident to be themselves so that they are equipped to be more resilient and able to persevere when challenges inevitably come their way  

    Are you ready for your child to ✨SHINE Brightly✨?

    Your child will learn:

    ✨ Investigate who they are and what is important to them during the first pillar EXPLORE

    ✨ During the second pillar ENRICH they experience a whole toolbox of mindful movement, meditation and mindset techniques that will enable them to be more independent in managing challenges appropriately as they occur

    ✨ The final weeks are dedicated to EXPAND, this is where we get to practice everything we have learnt, reflect on our journey and celebrate how far we have come!

    The experience includes:

    ✨Welcome gift for your family

    ✨12 sessions either in your home or online with Beckie (at home 45 minute-1 hour and online 40 minutes)

    ✨Weekly update email to supporting adults to share what has been covered and how you can support your child over the coming week

    ✨Videos of activities and other resources to revisit between sessions

    ✨Three opportunities for supporting adults to share progress and plan next steps together

    ✨Text and email support between sessions during normal office hours

    ✨Free access to the ✨SHINE Brightly✨ Well-Being Library - a wonderful resource to support the whole families well-being


     £1699 In Person

    £1299 Online

    Payment plans are available

    Meet Beckie

    I am a Holistic Well-Being Mentor and former teacher with 25 years’ experience of supporting children and their families

    In all my well-being work with young people my aim is that they feel happier and more confident to be themselves and are inspired to ✨SHINE Brightly✨ knowing they are perfect exactly as they are and worthy of both pursuing and realising their dreams - whatever they are, because I believe that this is a basis for living a happy and fulfilled life 

    I have been delivering ✨SHINE Brightly✨ and Yoga for Well-Being sessions in primary and secondary schools in my local area and I know the value in delivering this programme privately to reach more families and support more children experiencing specific challenges

    For your peace of mind, you might also want to know that I hold a first class BA in Education and Early Childhood Studies, a Post Graduate Certificate in Education and full Qualified Teacher Status

    I am also a qualified Children's Yoga Teacher, Raja or Classical Yoga Teacher, Reiki Master and hold a diploma in Emotional Freedom Technique for Children (or tapping for kids) and Mindfulness for Children 

    I have a full enhanced clear DBS that is registered on the update system and I am fully trained and have excellent knowledge of Safeguarding young people

    ✨SHINE Brightly✨ 1:1 brings together all my experience and expertise and is the most effective way to access my methodology as a bespoke experience

    Children who have worked with me:

    ✨Have the tools they need to support the regulation of their feelings and emotions

    ✨ Feel more confident, resilient and able to persevere when met with social and academic challenges

    ✨Make well informed decisions which enables them to have better relationships with their peers

    ✨Are happier to attend school and engage with their learning, ensuring better learning outcomes

    ✨Feel calmer and as a result have better quality of sleep

    ✨Know what matters to them and feel proud to stand up for what they believe in

    Are you ready for your child to ✨SHINE Brightly✨?


    Frequently asked questions:

    How do the 1:1 sessions work?

    I will come to your house or meet you on zoom to deliver the sessions, please make sure your child has a space big enough for a yoga mat (or two if in person), a notebook and pens and a bottle of water available

    How long are the sessions?

    Sessions are 45-60 minutes in length depending on how long it takes to cover the content for the session

    What happens if we need to cancel a session?

    I will always do my best to rearrange a missed session, depending on my availability that week. If a session needs to be missed, I would ask for as much notice as possible and at least 24 hours. I know that occasionally emergencies occur and I will always do my best to accommodate you. If there is no way to rearrange the session that week your child may receive a video recording of the activities planned for that session and the necessary resources for the practice activities

    How much time commitment does the programme require per week?

    The weekly face to face session, plus at least three times a week up to daily, anywhere from 5 to 15 minutes depending on how deep your family desires to go with the bonus videos and activities. The more time you commit to the programme the more benefits your family will experience. Consistency, little and often is best

    My child has never done anything like this before, how will they know what to do and if they are doing it right?

    Don't worry, I am here to support and guide your child. Your family is in the right place. There is no right or wrong, it's a personal journey for every child and the purpose of ✨SHINE Brightly✨ is for you and your child to explore how they can be happier and more confident to be themselves, they get to choose what that looks like for them, I'm here to inspire and guide them!