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The story

Here is the story of the application that I developed in the past few weeks.

As often happens, it all started with a personal need: I was looking for a new bag to travel with, and my main requirement was the ability to carry it on board as cabin luggage for future air travel.

I then realized four things:

  • There is no website or application that allows you to know the cabin baggage restrictions for major airlines.
  • On the websites of bag and luggage manufacturers, there is sometimes a mention stating that “the bag is compatible with most airlines,” but this is by no means a guarantee.
  • Tedious work is required to search for the allowed dimensions on airline websites.
  • There are some websites that display cabin baggage sizes, but the user experience is consistently terrible because you have to manually search for the information.

I repeated the process for 2 or 3 bags, and then I quickly stopped looking for a bag to focus on developing an application.

The roadmap

The very high level roadmap is :

  • V1 : First version with cabin bag compliance [DONE]
  • V2 : Second version with luggage selector [WIP]
  • V3 : Version with affiliation
  • V4 : API & Micro services
  • V5 : AI Driven

A stress-free project

This project is unpretentious and stress-free. It's a side project that keeps me busy in my spare time and which serves as a laboratory for testing things.

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Join the backstages

What should you expect when joining the backstage?

I will share here my thoughts and work relating to the developments of the application.

I will also talk about my successes and failures. In short, it will be a summary of everything that can go through the head of an application creator.