The Course

This is a guided course over 12 weeks.

💫 There are over 100 videos in 8 Chapters filled with useful information and healing techniques. These videos are to be watched at your own pace over the 12 weeks. 

💫 We have a gentle yoga class every week, focused on moving stagnant energy and deep relaxation. 

💫 Weekly live Questions and Answers session - allowing space for students to ask questions on the course or on their own energy issues. Many further techniques and tips come up on these calls to motivate you through your week.

💫 3 private zoom/skype calls over the 12 weeks to discuss your starting point, supplement suggestions, figure out the areas you feel most blocked, working on mindset and keeping you positively motivated to move forward.

💫 A personalised gift of hand mixed bath salts created by Finola, hand made soy candle, essential oils and other nice gifts for you to feel warm and cared for by nature.

Does this sound like the course for you?

Weekly Yoga

Healing Yoga Therapy classes created especially for those with low energy or long term health issues. 

A chapter in the course goes into the principals of yoga and how it can help your healing journey.

Educational content

The videos and course have been created with over 10 years of experience at helping people improve their energy using kinesiology and epigenetic alternative methods. Knowing how the body works helps us to figure out how to it balance ourselves when needed.

Group Q & A Sessions

Weekly mind-set calls, filled with useful information, a chat about life circumstances and how we can improve on ourselves to continually feel better.