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Learn how to study the Bible for yourself in just 5 days!! 

Can you relate? I grew up in a home that did not prioritize personal Bible reading. All I knew was the few stories I heard in church (when we actually went a couple of times a year). I didn't even own a Bible until I was almost through high school! Then, once I DID start reading--I still didn't really understand it that much! I didn't have anyone I knew that could teach me. 

Or maybe you grew up in church, but felt overwhelmed when studying the Bible for yourself? 

Maybe you're a new Christian and don't know where to begin? 

My story took place many years ago. But, the Lord has blessed me abundantly with training from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary and the Biblical Counseling Institutemany Christian pastors and teachers, Godly friends and mentors, and a wonderful church family emphasizing Scripture's authority and inerrancy. I've had the opportunity to teach children and women the Bible for over 25 years!

Since I have been so blessed, my heart goes out to anyone who wants to read, study, understand, and LOVE God's Word and doesn't know where to start. I want to give you the guidance I wish I had back then!

No matter what your story is, if you have ever wanted to know God better, love Him more, and be able to read, understand, and APPLY what you've learned--this training is for you!


  • Have you ever wondered how to look for context or use cross-references?
  • Have you questioned which commentaries are reliable and trustworthy? 
  • Have you heard of Bible verse-mapping and wanted to try it? 
  • Or wondered what keywords mean in the original Hebrew or Greek languages
  • Most importantly, have you wanted to know how to put what you learned into practice with real-life application

Now you can learn all this and MORE 

in just 5 days!

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"Looking for easy-to-understand and easy-to-use Bible study tips? These high-quality videos provide exactly that. In just a few minutes, you'll learn how to dig deep into the Word with Heather's practical, straightforward instructions. You'll be able to determine the context of any passage, look up the meaning of any word, locate relevant cross-references, and access free commentaries and other online resources to make your Bible study time spiritually rich and rewarding. Enjoy!"-- Wayne Davies, author, GodWroteTheBook.com

"What a valuable resource! This is a remarkably thorough guide for navigating the various digital and print tools for independent Bible study. If you’ve ever wished you could have someone show you where to start and how to use the many websites and apps available, this is your answer! Clear videos that show exactly what tabs to open and highlights to click make this perfect for even the least tech-savvy person. Anyone could benefit from this course."--Leslie Vicary, author of “God Loves You as Much as You Love Your Dog”

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