This gift will keep you from wasting money on

brand photography!

Ask your brand photographer these key questions or spend money on photos that do nothing to get you the clients you deserve.

Is your photographer even starting in the right place?

Brand photography will bring in more business if it’s catered to those who want to pay you. We need to create visuals with your dream customer in mind so that your photos do the selling for you.

There are several questions I will reveal to you that you can ask your prospective brand photographer in order to find out if they are going to be working with you to achieve your goals and vision, or if they are simply looking for another gig.

Are they prioritizing diversity?

Another important objective of brand photography is to get photos diverse enough that you can use them back-to-back on social media without looking too similar.

Ask your photographer what features they have in place to ensure this kind of diversity. Multiple locations, outfit changes, and longer sessions times will help make content creation a breeze while delivering powerful messages about your business.

🔑 Are you ready to find out what these key questions are?