Hello friends! My name is Rebecca and I am so glad you are here! 

In addition to working for an education organization and teaching, I am the owner and author of Caravan Sonnet, founder of Caravan Sonnet School, the popular author of 7 books, an artist, speaker, and traveler. I creatively run Caravan Sonnet Shoppe and December Caravan Etsy Shop, both of which give a portion of proceeds to various charities.

This past summer, after ten years of working in online spaces, I started creating a life of financial abundance with passive income. Like many people, I needed additional income and did not have the energy to find additional "outside the home" jobs to create the financial future I desired. With passive income I found a solution in that I could work as little as 2-4 hours a day going from side-hustle to financial abundance!

Passive income has been a transformative experience and made such a huge difference in my financial life. I am convinced that passive income is a beautiful and restorative answer for so many people who are exhausted from financial stress or longing to create a life they love.

Whatever your situation is I am convinced that passive income can be a beautiful answer as it was for me in transforming your life! 

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