Are you eager to empower franchisees, guide them towards remarkable success, and cultivate a network of thriving businesses?


Do you believe that you have a duty to your franchisees and your brand to help them succeed?


Have you got a passion to make your franchise the best version of itself possible?


Look no further because this is the transformative opportunity you've been waiting for!

Franchisee Success Assurance Coach Course 

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Certified and CPD Accredited 

🔑 Unleash the Potential of Franchisees

Our Franchisee Success Assurance Coach Course is not just another run-of-the-mill training. It's a transformative journey that equips you with the skills and strategies to unleash the untapped potential within franchisees. Through powerful coaching techniques, cutting-edge strategies, and a comprehensive roadmap, you'll learn how to guide franchisees towards remarkable success, one step at a time.

💡 Engage, Empower, and Elevate

Are you ready to engage and empower franchisees like never before, igniting their passion and supporting them in achieving extraordinary results? Our course is designed to equip you with the tools and techniques you need to be impactful and elevate franchisees to new heights of success.

Say goodbye to average and hello to exceptional as you become a master at unlocking the full potential of franchisees.

🌍 International Recognition, Limitless Opportunities

Set yourself apart as a certified Franchisee Success Assurance Coach with internationally recognised CPD principles. This course can be considered as part of any international CPD requirements for ongoing professional development and therefore support your international franchise growth too!


 Course Highlights

Empowering Franchisee Success

✅ 4 Modules and 4 Workbooks in 4 Weeks

 ...with just 4 hours per week of your time.


Effective Communication Strategies for Franchisee Success

Master the art of communication to establish strong relationships, provide guidance, and align franchisee goals with the overall head office business objectives.


Encouraging Franchisee Advancement

Driving Performance and Growth - Develop strategies to motivate and inspire franchisees, setting targets, and implementing performance-driven KPI’s that fuel fast tracked business growth.


Creating a Culture of Positive Business Enhancement

Cultivate a culture of excellence within franchisee operations that are on brand, foster innovation, consistency and a commitment to exceptional customer experiences by your franchisees and ultimately their end users.


Underpinning Framework for Support & Recognition

Sustainable Support Systems for Franchisee Success - Establish robust support systems that provide ongoing guidance, training, and resources to ensure franchisee success in the long run.

CPD Accreditation

Earn valuable CPD points and enhance your professional portfolio with a certification recognised by employers, institutions, and the franchise community. CPD accreditation demonstrates your commitment to continuous learning and professional growth.

Ongoing Support

Join a dynamic new community of Franchisee Success Assurance Coaches, gain access to ongoing support, and benefit from exclusive workbooks to support your learning and enhance your coaching practice long after completing the course.


Ignite Franchisee Success Today!

The time to unlock the potential of franchisees and drive exceptional success is now! Don't miss out on this exciting opportunity. Enrol in our CPD-accredited Franchisee Success Assurance Coach Course today and embark on a transformational journey.

Together, let's empower franchisees and change the world.

I’m Jo Middleton, Franchise Mentor ...

I have been where you are. I started from nothing. The first business I franchised, I built as a single Mum of two. It hasn’t always been an easy road.

I own several franchise territories for another brand. This helps me see things from both a franchisor and a franchisee perspective.

I’ve won numerous awards, been quoted on FORBES, appeared on a television panel, been featured as a case study in Alison Edgar MBE’s best selling book “Smash It!”, had countless media articles and been on the radio a few times too.

I am proof that you can do this with your business too - But you can do it with expert knowledge on tap!

Franchising Made Easy 


I have found Jo's coaching to be an invaluable resource for the growth and success of my franchise. Jo's wealth of experience and information has been an incredible asset to us, and I cannot overstate how much we have benefited from her insights and guidance.

Karen Gibb

Franchisor, Mind Marvels


    I cannot recommend Jo's membership program highly enough. Whether you are just starting out as a franchisor or are looking to take your business to the next level, Jo's resources and training can help you achieve your goals. Her commitment to your success and her understanding of the franchising industry make her an asset to any franchisor looking to grow and succeed.

    Julie Barber

    Franchisor, TechyTots


    Within the first 3 months of working with Jo, I had held my first Discovery Day and signed 2 new franchisees – which was more progress than I had made in the last 2 years of my franchising journey!

    Sarah Mollison

    Franchisor, CYCLEme Tots


      If you have franchised or are considering franchising, find an opportunity to work with Jo - you won't be disappointed

      Sarah Earis

      Franchisor, Brilliant Bricks Franchise


      Join the Franchisee Success Assurance Coach Course

      One payment of £497

      6 monthly payments of £83

      12 monthly payments of £41.50

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      The Small Print

      • Your trainings and workbooks sit in Google Workspace

      • Trainings vary in length from 30-90 mins

      • The workbooks can take you up to 3 hours each to complete.

      • Certification is awarded within 28 days of the submission of a successful final online assessment.

      • The cost of marking your first assessment and your Certification is included in the programme fee.

      • Jo is not a solicitor or a financial advisor and does not give any legal or financial advice.

      • You don’t have to complete an assessment at the end of the programme, however, certification will not be awarded if no assessment is received.

      • Your assessment must be completed within 4 weeks of the final session of your programme.

      • If your assessment is not at a passable standard, you may resit the assessment within 2 weeks of receiving your assessor feedback.