Our Mission: Show support for all fastpitch programs in Minneapolis Public Schools by advocating for Title IX improvements and improved diamond sports facilities for all youth athletes

Read the story about Title IX complaint and learn about the diamond sports field conditions in Minneapolis

It'll take collective action to solve these problems. We are asking for your help to address these inequities

612 put together some basic resources to help you be effective. Sample letters, talking points and more.

There are no high-quality diamonds sized and fenced specifically for fastpitch softball anywhere in Minneapolis. Girls playing fastpitch have to play on fields built for baseball, where the outfield fences sit 300-plus feet away from home plate. That's 75 feet farther than it should be for high school softball, making it nearly impossible for a female student to hit a home run. The lack of proper facilities undermines Minneapolis girls' statistics and their college prospects, placing them at a disadvantage compared to suburban peers.

While 612 Fastpitch is not directly involved in the complaint, 612 plays a central role in the greater softball community. We can be a positive force for change. 612 Fastpitch supports all the high school teams. Athletes from Roosevelt High School, Southwest High School, Patrick Henry High School, Edison High School, Washburn High School and Minneapolis South High School are all involved in our program. Many younger athletes go to elementary schools, middle schools and junior high schools which feed into these school programs. Additionally the reason this is important is that even though the complaint is aimed at Minneapolis Public Schools, it affects ALL the fastpitch athletes within Minneapolis from park and rec players, to high school athletes, to 612 Fastpitch players and even our baseball teams. The push for better, more equitable facilities can improve diamond sports for all youth athletes.

We do. 612 wants to form a alliance with MYBA, Play Ball Minneapolis, the Minneapolis Park Board and School Boards in support of Title IX. We want to be a constructive force to improve the state of fastpitch playing conditions in Minneapolis, and for that matter we want all diamond sports to benefit. But, it's imperative to address systemic inequities for fastpitch softball.

No, it is not. While data provided to the Star-Tribune by MPRB shows softball struggling, these numbers do not include 612's growth. The active sign-ups for 612 would double the amount of fastpitch players. If you include active/eligible players, the number would triple. The lack of quality fields, lack of focus on softball, the pandemic, the elimination of middle school softball have all worked to tamp down softball's numbers. Another fun fact, at the college level softball is the 4th leading most grossing sport, period. So athletes are playing and fans are watching and supporting. This is an opportunity for Minneapolis schools and the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board.

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