Learn about the & differnet Chakras and conenct your understanding to your own body.


7 individual custom healing chakras worksheets to help you sooth and awaken your chakras. 


Find out which chakra may be blocked and how you can self-heal to live a better life. 

Inside Chakra Handbook


How this Chakra Handbook Will Help You

Find out about Catch a Sleep's mission to help you heal your Chakras. 

Ch. 1 -2

What is a Chakra and Where are they?

Read about Chakras and why they are important. Plus two detailed visual charts. 

Ch. 3-4

How to Identify a Blocked Chakra and How to Heal It 

A detailed exploration of different ways to determine which chakra is blocked and how to solve it. 

Ch. +

 7 Chakra Worksheets and more...

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