Example of a Channeled Message that you would receive in your inbox: 

Relax & Unwind.

Be like a river that flows through and around rocks, trees and the landscape. Many of you are operating like rocks, trees and buildings. So rooted in one spot that you are never open to the flow of life.

Dip your toe in the river.

What if you left your building, the safety of your rock or the warm presence of the tree? What if you stepped into the world without a shield… without the safety and security of staying put?

What would then happen? When we “stay put” in our minds, hearts and souls, we are closing off to all the flows and streams of abundance that exist right outside our doors.

You know, the river flows right next to where you stay and you haven’t noticed yet. Imagine yourself flowing down the river of abundance. Imagine what it would be like to co-create.

This is all possible when you let go of your expectations, rules, requirements, and anything that keeps you rigid and closed off.

First, open your heart to the possibility that there may be another way. Allow your heart to show you the way.

That is all for today.

- The Akashic Record Keepers