Don't let your nonprofit annual report stress you out.

Let's use it to build trust with your donors - and more.

What this checklist will help you do

Make sure your annual report includes everything you need.

Tick off all items for your annual report and be confident your report is compliant.

Check that you have included everything you need in your annual financial statement.

Make sure that your narrative has all the elements you need to share.

Turn your readers into enthusiastic supporters.

Create an annual report that turns readers into enthusiastic supporters.
Three video snacks help you identify:

  • your bigger picture.
  • your key story.
  • how to ensure consistency of words & numbers.

Make sure your report tells a good story.

Use my workbook to note all your ideas from my inspiration video snacks.

  • What's the bigger idea or message of your annual report?
  • What's the key story you want to tell?
  • How do your numbers support your story?

Your nonprofit annual report can be your most powerful marketing tool.

Let me help you make your annual reporting work easier and more effective (and more fun)!

Download your checklist today.