"I've tried to meditate, but I can't get my brain to shut up!"

I hear it all the time when it comes to meditation:

😵 I can’t meditate, my mind never shuts up!
😵 It’s too hard.
😵 I can’t meditate, I can’t sit still!
😵 I can’t meditate, I just don’t have time.
😵 It’s too woo-woo.
😵 I don’t see the point.

And so on.

Many people who think they can’t meditate don’t have a clear picture of what meditation is and what purpose it will serve.

Meditation has been scientifically proven to improve your mental health, ease anxiety, support sleep, lower blood pressure, and more, but there are many things that get in the way of actually practicing. 

Learning to meditate is challenging initially, I know it was for me. Mind racing, trouble sitting still, uncomfortable. I've been there.

Seeing the value of sitting and "doing nothing" when time is limited, and there is always so much to do, can be a tough pill to swallow. But through practice, I have come to understand the benefits of stillness, and I am here to share them with you

As a long time yoga instructor, I've heard all of the reasons people think they can't meditate but they are usually based on false beliefs.  

Understanding what meditation is and isn't helps.

That's why I wrote this free eBook, "3 Myths About Meditation and Why it's Easier Than You Think!" I wanted to make meditation accessible to everyone who needs it. And it the world today, we all need it!

Sign up below to get my free eBook and learn why meditation might be easier than you think! Get the support that you are looking for and receive the benefits of Meditation!

Bonus: included in the eBook is a free 6 minute guided meditation video to leave you feeling more at ease in your body and mind. Watch this video anytime you need to stop the "spinning" in your head and get back to feeling clearer and calmer.

Hi! My name is Janine Agoglia and I have been practicing and teaching Vinyasa yoga since 1995. After 22 years of teaching in studios, I set off on my own and started Purple Room Yoga, Online Yoga Studio in 2021. My mission is to help you Age Gracefully with Strength, Balance, Mobility, and Mindfulness. Purple Room Yoga is the place to learn how to cross-train for life using the practice and wisdom of yoga and meditation.

I am dedicated to helping active adults stay active in their lives, whether you are playing with your kids/grandkids, or biking, swimming, running, walking, hiking, playing tennis or golf, or any activity that brings joy. When your body feels stiff or painful, it is difficult to do all of the things you like to do. Practicing yoga keeps your body strong and supple so that you can move through your day with ease.

With online yoga, mindful core, and meditation classes for Beginners through Experienced students, you will find the support you need to build functional and core strength, increase your ability to balance, improve your functional mobility, and learn mindfulness, to move from stress and anxiety to feeling calm and present every day.

All classes can be taken online live or on demand. I offer online courses where you can deepen your practice and learn about how to move your body more effectively and efficiently. Check out my blog posts where I explore different topics, ranging from Mindfulness, to Poses and Anatomy, to Self Love and more. I offer free resources for you to get a taste of all that Purple Room Yoga has to offer that will leave you feeling amazing, ready to begin your yoga journey, starting from wherever you are!

All are welcome at Purple Room Yoga. Come as you are. Now is the time to stop simply aging, and start Aging Gracefully with Strength, Balance, Mobility, and Mindfulness.