Welcome to the Club 

(that NO ONE wants to be in)

The Cancer Combat Plan walks you step by step through what to do first, things to consider about care and treatment, and establishing the basics like 2nd opinions, taking time off of work and getting your medical information organized.

It helps you work through some of the trauma that cancer brings... the fear and anxiety, the incredible stress, the fact that you have no time to do anything except deal with this, and the financial drain.

The Cancer Combat Plan takes you through each area of a cancer battle and teaches you about the resources available and the strategies that actually work.

If you are ready to manage this crisis, figure out what action steps you should take now and how you can get through the day to day stress...

We can help.

Let Us Help You Through 


Hey!! I'm Jenn. This was my wedding day 3 months before the cancer bomb exploded into our world and changed everything.

We’ve been there. I know exactly what it feels like to be terrified by this disease. To be stressed beyond your max and yet, it doesn’t matter because you HAVE TO KEEP GOING. I know what it’s like to fight with every ounce of your being, only to get kicked right back down to the ground. I know what it’s like to sacrifice basically everything else so you can help your loved one get through this.

I can really help you.

The Cancer Combat Plan gives you the actions steps, resources, and strategies that you need to manage this crisis. Things feel better, more in control when you have a plan.

We focus on ways to manage the stress, get all of the information that’s flying at you organized so you always have what you need, and we help you manage your time so you can deal with this.

We give you TONS of resources that are available to help (that alone would take you hours to find on your own), we give you strategies for getting through this, Ideas for taking care of you and your loved one and where to find support.

This guide can’t change the cancer, but it can help you manage the crisis, keep your head in the game and figure out what steps to take next.

Start From Where You Are

If cancer exploded into your family yesterday, we can walk you through the steps you need to take now. If cancer has been destroying your life for a while now, you can skip the ‘where to start” and move right to the sections that are affecting you.

The content will not change the cancer but it will help you manage some of the stress, find support, understand why a 2nd opinion is so important and how your insurance company may be able to help you (it’s not how you think), and ways to advocate for your loved one…

There are a lot of layers to a cancer battle and we make it easier for you to keep your head in the game and stay focused on the important stuff.

  • How to deal with this diagnosis: Getting the information you need (despite the panic).
  • What to expect: What happens now, once someone is diagnosed?
  • How to choose good care: Things to consider when choosing cancer care.
  • Resources: For everything… The best-rated Cancer Centers, places to stay, rides to treatment, caregiver resources, financial help...etc.
  • Taking time off of work and ways to make extra cash: Protection for your job and ways to make money.
  • Finding support: Where and how to find support.
  • Managing the Stress: Ways to help you get through some of the stress and anxiety that is consuming you.

Frequently Asked Questions

It says The Cancer Combat Plan is free. What's the catch? Do I still need to enter my credit card information?

There is no credit card information or money questions of any kind.

I do ask for your email address so I can send you our weekly newsletter which is full of tips, tricks, and inspiration that my family used while we battled Lung Cancer with my dad.

Cancer affects EVERYONE, not just the people who are diagnosed.

I promise it will be worth your while, but if you don’t agree you can unsubscribe at any time by clicking the unsubscribe link at the bottom of every email.

Also, just so you know, we hate SPAM too! :)

Is this a digital download or a physical product?

The Combat Plan is a digital download that will be sent right to your email. If for some reason you don’t receive it, please check your SPAM folder.

If you still can’t find it or you have any questions, you can reach us at [email protected] and we’ll get you squared away.

Does The Cancer Combat Plan need to be printed?

You can print the document if you prefer, but you don't have to. You can open and read the PDF right on your smartphone, IPad or computer.

The resource links inside The Cancer Combat Plan are clickable, so you can go right to the resource you are looking for, but if you decide to print it, there is a Links and Resources page so you can access the web address that way as well.