Use community to unstuck your startup's growth 🔥

Who benefits from this program

You are a founder who wants to game-change your start-up with community.

you are an investor thinking about how one of your start-ups could do even better with community.

you are an entreprenurial PM leading a new product initiative where community-led could be the secret sauce.

about the program

'Community Growth Secrets' helps founder teams add community to their product in order to unleash massive community-led growth. This adds months - often years - of extra runway for your start-up. And double digits to your valuation.

the way it works

We are meeting you and your founder team in short high-impact workshops. They are designed to create a community business design in the shortest possible time. Between the workshops you self-study using our condensed learning material.

this is not a Cohort Course' or a MOOC

While these are cool formats, this instead is a high-intensity program where we devote a significant amount of focus just on getting your start-up community ready. This is 'community deluxe' 🙂

Community led growth will 10x, 20x your valuation

It is a secret formula proven across industry verticals

→ Airbnb, Uber (marketplaces)

→ Notion, Lemlist (saas)

→ Salesforce (enterprise B2B)

→ Fitbit, Aeropress, Harley Davidson (device)

→ Lululemon (fashion)

→ the entire industry (web3/crypto)

→ and many more

This program is for founders who want to replicate this.

What process do we follow?

First, we move quickly through 4 strategy steps. Then we follow through with a practical community setup where you leave with a live community

Copy winner in niche

We pick apart exactly how e.g Airbnb, Lemlist, Peloton 10x:ed using community. We establish a framework of how community impacts KPIs: Sales, less churn, higher valuation, brand...

→ Snapshot current founder pitch

Together we define your current baseline. Just so we have the foundation for a leap: Product Market Fit? Big, Growing, Urgent Problem? Status and Gaps for customer. Go to market?

→ 1 product +1 community = 10x valuation

We design the case for wrapping a community around the current product. Fast-fixing current growth stoppers. Laying the foundation for your community moat.

→ Soft value added, hard currency gained

We define how mission, a common why in the community is achieved. How we will create belonging and trust. The potential for a new work role for a member. A sense of identity.


We design the first series of experiences in your community. We do this live together, so that you know exactly how to run the experience and what you want to achieve


We define roles, rules rooms, rituals, onboarding. Then we put all the nitty gritty in the community calendar. This way, there are no loose ends. 

You will have a first blueprint right after the first workshop session.

Differentiation, Sales, Trial conversions, churn, customer lifetime value.

One of the core success factors with the program, is that the entire team makes community a core company strategy. We even advise you to bring lead investors into the process. Why? Because you are game-changing your company. This will impact almost everything that you do downstream.