Houston County Executive Committee Positions 

Pursuant to Article III of the Houston County Republican Party Constitution, the following positions make up our local BPOU Executive Board. With each listed Office position, the following criteria outlines qualified candidates as well as expectations to successfully fulfill the position.

If you would like to nominate yourself or someone else for one of the positions, please contact [email protected] so the Nominating Committee can follow up with you. As a reminder, Minnesota politics operated on a 2-year cycle and Houston County BPOU elects these positions on odd years during the local convention.


  1. Strong leadership skills
  2. Knowledge of Roberts Rules of Order to conduct conventions, meetings, caucus
  3. The main organizer, director of the monthly Executive Boards meetings. Setting the agendas, conducting the meetings
  4. The main point person for communication from the State and District Parties.
  5. The initial point person for campaigns to reach out to----may change later if a person(s) is assigned as campaign person for the Executive Committee.
  6. Normally the person the press will go to for interviews, comments around election time.
  7. Main person to ensure all committee work, events, fund raisers are within the boundaries of the party constitution.
  8. Works with the Credentials team of the District and State Parties prior to conventions.
  9. Able to devote the time and effort to the position. During election years and prior to conventions and caucus---the position can involve many hours—sometimes daily.
  10. Holds a basic knowledge of the county, district and state constitutions.
  11. Will attend all county, district and state conventions (if elected to them) and lead the other delegates/alternates at conventions.
  12. Will attempt to attend Houston County GOP events, fund raisers, parades, rallies, etc.
  13. Other duties as needed
  14. Normally the Chair is one of the delegates to the CD1 Committee Meetings (6 per yr)

Deputy Chair

  1. Must have same skills as Chair. In the event the Chair is no long able to perform his/her duties, the Deputy Chair must be capable to take over that position.
  2. Normally the Deputy Chair is one of the delegates to the CD1 Committee Meetings (6 per yr)

Vice Chair(s)

  1. Vice chairs should have skills within the other listed positions and are typically ad-hoc positions which can be used to fill special projects or needs within the organization. For example, mentoring or understudy a position or other tasks as agreed to by the executive board.


  1. Basic financial skills
  2. Reliability and accuracy are a must
  3. File all financial reports on a timely basis
  4. Willing to attend Campaign Finance and other financial training programs during the year.
  5. Oversee the county party bank account, pay bills, manage donations and contributions to the party
  6. Prepare a detailed financial report for each Executive Board meeting and basic financial accounting for BPOU meetings.
  7. Ensures that copies of necessary documents are available for events (contracts, proof of insurance etc). Works with the county Secretary on this.


  1. Good communication and writing skills. Documenting all meetings, conventions and caucus in writing,
  2. Ensures that copies of necessary documents are available for events (contract, proof of insurance etc). Works with the county Treasurer on this.
  3. Ensures there are current delegate/alternate lists available at all conventions, caucus.
  4. Provides the necessary paperwork, pens, voting cards, sign up sheets, documents, etc. at the conventions, caucus.

Houston County Republican Party Call to Convention Temporary Rules

These rules can be used used for the Call to Convention events, assuming they are voted on and passed during the convention.


Temporary Rules. These rules shall be effective as the temporary rules of the Convention until these, or revised rules, are adopted as permanent rules for the Convention.

Temporary Credentials. Only those persons who have been elected as delegates at the 2022 Caucus have voting rights. In the absence of a delegate, the Chairman will appoint an unseated alternate from that precinct to fill the vacancy. There will be no cross seating of alternates into precincts in which they were not elected. Alternate rank was determined at the 2022 Precinct Caucus. The report of the Credentials Committee shall be the first official item in the order of business on the Agenda for the Convention.

Adoption of Permanent Rules. Immediately after acceptance of the Credentials report, these rules or revised rules to govern the Convention shall be adopted by majority vote of the approved delegates of the Houston County Republican Party that are present at the Convention.

Election of Permanent Convention Chair. The Chairman of the Houston County Republican Party shall open the Convention. After acceptance of the permanent rules, delegates will vote on the acceptance of the Permanent Convention Chair.

Robert’s Rules. Robert’s Rules of Order (Newly Revised) shall be the rules of the Convention insofar as they are not inconsistent with these Convention Rules.

Voting. On questions for which a vote count is required or requested, the vote may be a voice vote of the delegates with results announced by the Convention Chairman. If exception be taken by any delegate to the correctness of such announcement, the Chairman of the Convention shall request a raised hand vote of delegates and/or paper ballot. Paper ballots should be used in the election of Officers, Delegates and Alternates if more than one person is running for a position.

Election of Officers. An election of officers to the Houston County Executive Committee consisting of Chairman, Deputy Chairman, (2) Vice Chairmen, Secretary and Treasurer will take place at the Convention.

If more than one person is nominated for a position, each duly nominated Candidate shall have two minutes to speak. The nominee who obtains a majority of votes, will be deemed to be the winner.

Election of Delegates & Alternates. An election of (2) Delegates and (2) Alternates to the CD1 Central Committee and (1) Delegate and up to (3) Alternates to the MN State Central Committee will occur at the County Convention. Elections for each Central Committee will be conducted separately. Nominations will be taken from the floor. The highest vote getter will be declared the Delegate. The next vote getters will be declared Alternates. The Alternate receiving the most votes being ranked 1, the second most votes being ranked 2 etc. In the event a person prefers to run for Delegate only and does not secure the highest number of votes, that person's name would not be placed on the ranked Alternate list. In the event a person prefers to run for Alternate only and secures the highest votes, that person would automatically become Alternate #1 The current Alternate #1 would move up to Delegate.

Debate. A delegate, alternate, or guest shall speak no more than once on one motion or item of business and no more than a total of one (1) minute on that motion or item of business.

Amendment to Constitution. Any person wishing to submit an amendment to the County Republican Party Constitution shall submit those amendments to the Chair of the Constitution Committee at least eleven (11) days prior to the start of the Convention as published in the Call. Amendments shall be submitted in writing. Amendments shall not be accepted from the floor of the Convention. Debate on an amendment shall be limited to one (1) minute by each speaker, with no more than three (3) speakers in favor of the amendment and three (3) speakers in opposition to the amendment. No person shall be allowed to speak more than twice upon the same amendment. No person shall be allowed to speak a second time until all those desiring to speak have had a first opportunity to do so.

Sergeant at Arms. The Convention Chairman shall appoint a Sergeant at Arms who shall rule on and enforce all allotted speaking times for all speakers.

Parliamentarian. The Convention Chairman shall appoint a Parliamentarian who shall have the authority to rule on matters of parliamentary procedure in accordance with the Robert’s Rules of Order.

Suspension of the Rules. A motion to suspend the rules shall be approved by a vote by two-thirds of the delegates who are entitled to cast votes.

Altering Order of Business. The Convention Chairman may alter the order of business if the need arises.

Speakers. During the convention, invited special guest speakers, candidates and elected officials for national and statewide offices shall be allotted no more than eight minutes of speaking time each. Other officials, candidates or dignitaries who were not previously invited as special guest speakers, may be allowed no more than two minutes to address the BPOU Convention.

Houston County Republican Party Constitution Changes

This template can be used to submit change requests to the Houston County Republican Party. As a reminder, the Constitution can be updated only during a convention (once per year). 

Complete the YELLOW sections to submit changes to your local Committee.