How to Create Time

Increase your Efficiency, Productivity, and Focus

3-day Email Challenge

Overworked, underpaid, and completely stressed out?

It's time to take control of your business, instead of it controlling you.

My 3-day email challenge shows you a simple process you can use over and over to create more time in your daily schedule.

I use this same process to run my own two businesses.


Fountain Bookstore, Richmond, VA

Kelly Justice

Jill Hendrix is the most efficient bookseller I have ever met. Her systems and philosophies are things I model and I seek her advice often on all matters regarding operations. Being more organized gives me time to share my passion for books. 

Downtown Books, Manteo, NC

Jamie Anderson

I'm starting to feel like I do have control. This [coaching package] has worked really well for me -- I do much better if I have an accountability partner. I have a brand new power tool in my toolbox -- and her name is Jill Hendrix!

Are you constantly in reactive, fire-fighting mode with no time to work on the things you know would move your business forward?

You know that you can’t grow your business if you’re working “in” it 100% of the time (or is that 110%?) but you can’t seem to create space to breathe much less think deeply about your business. 

As a business coach working with small-business owners, work-life balance is a top concern for my clients. Parkinson’s law guarantees that your business will grow to consume all your free time unless you intentionally set boundaries, get a handle on your perfectionist tendencies, and learn to work more efficiently.

Whatever your situation, worry just makes things worse by leading to distraction and inaction, maintaining your current (bad) status quo. 

My three-day challenge will help you identify your personal black holes of time and learn to constrain your negative thinking through my go-to tools for focus and productivity.

Take back your life with my three-day challenge containing easy strategies and tools you can implement right away!

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