About the Book:

Within the pages of Creative Sparks: 21 Affirmations & Inspiration for Creativity at Midlife, you'll

21 Empowering Affirmations:
Harness the power of positive thinking to silence your inner
critic and awaken your creative genius. These affirmations are like a secret code, unlocking the
gates to your boundless imagination.

Creativity Tips:
Gain invaluable wisdom from an artist, poet and creativity coach who’s been
there…and who has worked with artists, writers and other creatives to unblock and move
forward with their creative flow..

From visual artists, writers, and creatives who have ventured into the uncharted
realms of inspiration. Learn their secrets, habits, and techniques to channel your creativity into
something remarkable.

Unleash Your Unique Brilliance & Hidden Potential:
Midlife is a season of self-discovery and
reinvention. "Creative Sparks" will help you through journal exercises to rekindle your artistic
passions, guiding you to create your most meaningful and fulfilling work yet.. From painting to
writing, music to crafts, you'll find the inspiration to embrace your artistic calling, no matter your
chosen medium.

If you've ever dreamed of creating something extraordinary, if you've yearned to express your
innermost thoughts and feelings, and if you're seeking the inspiration to make your creative
dreams a reality, then "Creative Sparks" is the key to unlocking your artistic potential.


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About Spark Your Creative Coaching:

Spark Your Creative Coaching focuses on providing guidance and support…especially individuals at midlife who want to discover or reclaim their creative gifts.

Spark Your Creative provides services designed to help individuals regain confidence in their creative gifts through individual and group coaching programs. Programs and services such as workshops, seminars and courses are provided virtually and in person (Washington, DC area and at select conferences across the country).

Services are provided for individuals to:

-Help you understand and push past the creative blocks that stand in the way of your projects.

-Inspire you to think bigger and work more productively to develop ideas and feelings into meaningful creative projects.

-Support you in overcoming your the doubts, fears, anxieties, and worries that so often hinder the creative mind.

-Listen, educate, and nourish your inner creative so that your work evolves and shines.

​Whether you are just beginning your artistic or creative journey, need help unblocking to get to the next level or just want to bring more creativity in your life as a mindful way to live, Spark Your Creative can help.

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