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We have,

Good News,

Good News,

Good News.

We’ve recently been granted funding from The Supporting Act Foundation

TSA is an offshoot of WeTransfer, they have awarded us support over the next 2 years through their Impact Grant, this means we can spend some quality time thinking about how the music industry operates and where Cube and our community sit within the bigger picture. We will be doing some much needed research into the barriers facing members of the global majority trying to work in this field. This will include working with academics, designing healthy operational models and talking to you as much as you can stand us! We are also in the process of a company rebrand, so bare with us as we make this intentional change.

We are incredibly grateful to TSA for believing in our aims and to you for sticking with us while we refine and redesign our organisation.

Good things come to those who wait.

In order to continue to serve our community in responsive ways, we’d like to get a deeper understanding of how the current state of the music industry is affecting artists. venues, organisations and more.

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